Diaries of a Marksman Hunter

Yes, I am the Marksman Hunter. I like attack power and a feral druid. And big numbers get me wet. Lag? No problem. I’ve got wiggle room. Constant movement? No worries. I can move in the holes of my rotation. What’s so sexy about Marksman? That’s debatable. All I know is, I can’t seem to have it any other way.


“But it’s been proven mathematically that Beast Mastery is superior in every way, and if you don’t roll BM, you’re a terrible hunter and deserve to have your account deleted! Elitist Jerks says so!!”


Fuck you. Here’s why –


  1. Not everyone can play BM successfully. Some people are simply retarded or don’t have the gear or the framerate to support it. Why keep a spec you can’t use when you could be more useful another way?
  2. BM is fight-dependant in more ways. You might top the charts…sometimes…
  3. Have you done the math yourself? No? Then don’t talk about it. Cheeky’s doesn’t count as “your math”.
  4. Playstyle 101 – not everyone has the same machine, be it computer or body.
  5. We play this game – this GAME – to enjoy it. If I get enjoyment from mastering a rarely appreciated spec and proving its worth, then that’s how I’m going to play. Cookie-cutter? I don’t even like cookies IRL.
  6. Elitist Jerks is a forum for intelligent analysis and discussion. Take their example, and stop acting like you’re 12.


Moving on from one-sided derogatory comments, a good Marksman rotation is like making love. You gracefully shift from one shot to the next, always keeping your surroundings in mind, planning your next attack and protecting your teammates (without disrupting your rotation too much) with care.


Why do I think Marksman is more fun? Because it takes more energy to do well. How is that fun, you ask? Fun, for me, is not topping the charts every night. It’s not boasting about how awesome your gear is or how you “owned” that rogue in PvP. Fun, for me, is sifting through the rumors, testing new ideas, and mastering the techniques I’ve found to be most suitable. Fun is filtering through Wowhead finding out exactly what stats you gain and lose when you get a new piece of gear. Fun is testing a thousand different variations of talents to find the one most friendly to you and your guild.


“But why wouldn’t you go for the spec with the most potential damage (it’s proven!!!111)? You’re stupid.”


Fuck you. Here’s why –


Potential is worthless if you don’t reach the pinnacle of achievement. Have you mastered the BM spec to the point of no possible improvement? Good for you. So have millions of other players. Or so they believe. But every time I come across a so-called masterful BM hunter, they fall short in a number of ways. Instead of rising to the challenge, they simply do what everyone else has told them to do and believe they have reached their potential. Then they blame their shortcomings on uncontrollable factors and stand on their pedestal, ignoring all other input and giving their amazing advice to anyone who will listen (and those who don’t want to).


To the truly skilled and knowledgeable (and reserved) BM hunter – I salute you. You are what almost everyone wishes (or believes) they could be. Have I met one of you yet? No. But I’m sure, one day, I will.


“But I’m unique! I’m awesome, look at my stats, look at my latest WWS from *insert highest level raid instance here*!! I should be able to tell you how to play!”


Fuck you. Here’s why –


Every raid is situational. Maybe you hit top damage because the rogue in your group was selected for a fight-specific special CC seven out of eight times. Maybe you hit top damage because you were the last one left alive when a healer decided to save you and didn’t realize the tank was about to go down. “I’ll just get a few more hits in,” you say. Maybe you hit top damage because you’re a truly skilled and knowledgeable player. We just don’t know. Your “proof” is like that shaky, black and white photo of something that could maybe or maybe not be the Loch Ness Monster.


My point is, get your eyes off of the damage meter and into the game. Ask yourself, “What good is my extra 2,000 damage in this situation besides extending my e-peen by another half-inch?”


Hunters are a special breed. We deal mainly physical damage, yet we need an extensive mana pool. We have a pet, but we do significant damage on our own and controlling said pet is extremely limited. Push Attack and here’s your free damage. We have CC, but it’s not up to par with everyone else’s. So what are we? Wrath of the Lich King will hopefully shake things up, and our place in the world…of Warcraft…will soon be clear. Right now, things are looking mighty sexy for hunters. The upcoming changes will turn your little hunter world upside down. Finally our pets will be an integral and strategic part of our gaming experience. We will finally have equal CC and utility capability on the level with other damaging classes.


But I know what this means. Hunters will now be expected to know how to play, and play well. *GASP!* Oh the horror! You’re asking me to trap…in a raid instance?! Dear God, please, why?! Isn’t it the mage’s job to deal no damage and CC the entire time? Why should my ungodly damage have to suffer? I can’t spam my steady shot macro and concentrate on the raid at the same time! Misdirect is already a wasted GCD! This is an outrage!!


Welcome to the real world, hunters. Your class will now have what every other class has had – sacrifice. Can you still do your amazing damage in raid like always when your focus is shifted between several different areas? Will you be able to shoot that freezing arrow to save a healer because now you can’t say, “He wasn’t close enough” instead of squeezing in an extra 1200 damage? The real test is coming up. Hunters have begged and threatened and been generally whiney about every aspect of their class. Now that we’ve gotten what we wanted, are we going to be willing to accept the consequences?


“All this stuff you’re saying only applies to retarded hunters, and I’m not one of them.”


That’s great. Don’t feel like you have to prove it to me.


My prediction and my dream in all this is that Huntard will now be applied to many more hunters. Guilds will be choosier in selecting a hunter. That hunter will have to prove himself moreso than he ever has before. But this also means that rolling a hunter for the general ease of the class will be fewer and farther between, and the number of lvl80 hunters running around is going to be fewer. Why? Because no one likes to be bad at the game, and most people (especially those who never reach their potential), when hit with a challenge, will shy away and find something they immediately excel at.


But don’t worry – THIS IS GOOD NEWS!


For those of you who know how to play your class and know how to help your guild and want to excel and overcome the difficulties, your hard work will be so much more rewarding than it is now. Instead of hearing “Every retard can play a hunter” you’ll hear, “Hey, I think that actually took some skill…” and getting into a good guild will be easier when the realm isn’t overthrown with them.


My real dream is to hear, “Oh, you’re *insert spec here*! We could really use one of those.” Not just, “Oh, you’re Marksman – you’re an idiot.” Because it’s not about what spec you select, it’s about how you perform with it, or at least, that’s the way it should be. Is your 32 extra dps really a viable reason to select that spec and that spec only? Does this mean that every hunter should have that spec and gain that 32 dps? Should you sacrifice the diversity simply because the personal potential damage is slightly greater? Wake up and smell the raid, my friends. This game is about teamwork, and your spec should be selected to reflect that. And don’t tell me that your part of the team is to add that 32 dps and contribute nothing else.


Am I saying everyone should be an MM hunter? No. God no. Am I saying Survival is more useful? Please. What I’m saying is that you always need to factor in your own personal shortcomings (we all have them) and your guild’s shortcomings (you know, THAT guy) and then choose your spec accordingly. Leave your disgusting judgments out of the forums, keep an open mind, do your own research, and you might learn something. If one spec was clearly superior in every way to another, we wouldn’t even have a selection.


My request : Test things yourself. Test them, and shut your mouth. Otherwise, you’re like that 8 year-old telling his babysitter he’s a Republican because Daddy is a Republican and Daddy says it’s better.


This blog is directed at the average, everyday player. It’s reading material for every hunter, not to magically improve your gameplay, but to enhance your knowledge and to share experiences. I won’t pretend to be the best player out there, nor the wisest or most hard-core. I’m just a player who enjoys the game and wants to share that enjoyment with others.


I am a Marksman Hunter, and this is my story.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on September 29, 2008.

11 Responses to “Diaries of a Marksman Hunter”

  1. A “truly skilled and knowledgeable (and reserved) BM hunter” is what I aspire to me. Granted, I still have a long ways to go. I feel that I am pretty good, and others have told me I am pretty good, but I still see much improvement that needs to be done. So– I try my best to read and study other blogs, run tests, make my own conclusions, and help newer hunters and in the process help myself =)

  2. Yeah, I actually was checking out your page the other day and I want to toss my respect to you. =) What I hate is going into a forum that is supposed to help you out, asking a question, and getting a nonsequitor answer that is almost always, “Your gear sucks, your char sucks, your spec sucks, you lose”. So frustrating when it has nothing to do with your question or your cause. Thanks for checking out my page! Hope to see you around.

  3. But..but….I got nothing. its MM hunters like you that made me hate my last computer cuz it had such bad frame rates I couldnt weave a shot rotation well enough during raids.

  4. […] he works with Leanna of Leanna’s Log to build a Survival Hunter raid spec and Nassira of Diary of a Marksman Hunter to Build a Marksman raid spec.  Most of my wow career I have been a full BM hunter.  I have, […]

  5. Hey I am a MM hunter and I have spent hours in front of target dummies to master shot rotations and skill myself. I wonder if Pike is still a BM hunter after the nerf bat hit the Hunters in the latest patch. (I hope he/he is for the fun of it.) I have seen so many survival hunters now who used to be BM’s. You are absolutely right when you say it is a matter of your playing style and your personal setup. It used to be when you told them you were a MM hunter – they would call you tard, cause everyone who knew anything knew that BM was the way to go. Now you are a tard because everyone says that Survival is way to go. Well, I love playing my MM Hunter. I love that I am not reliant on my pet and often don’t run him and can still top the DPS charts most of the time. Most of all I love making a positive contribution to a raid group ad having fun with them, see Malygos go down. What a rush for a tard like me. It had little to do with me, but a lot to do with the Team. I was a constructive part of that group. Some people are talented and can play any toon to it’s maximum ability. I live with 2 guys like that. Me I am a MM Hunter and love it. Keep up the great writing.

  6. I respecced to MM last night, and I’ll admit I have NO CLUE what I’m doing yet in regards to shot rotation. I’ll also admit that I was a macro-reliant BM huter, and I look forward to the challenge of learning MM spec. Thanks for providing guidance as I get my @ss handed to me for now, but I’ll be back here to beg you to answer all-important questions like “Dear God, WHAT am I DOING?!” MM seems like a good place to be ;D

  7. ❤ ❤

  8. I was BM since starting my hunter but after hitting 80 I started getting bored, I find MM much more enjoyable in raids and instances then BM ever was but I find MM frustrating for soloing and farming, good thing I can kill most mobs in 2 hits :-). The way I see it, go BM if all you care about it topping the damage meters, but if you want to have more utility (esp. in PvP) then roll MM.

  9. I have played all three specs and to be honest they are fun each of them in their own way. What I find really sad now is the fact that most hunters are now comparing DPS like if they were saying who has the biggest *tool*. Play the way you want to. Intelligent raid leaders will look for intelligent players.

  10. Amen.

  11. Nassira, <3.
    Marksmanship Hunters for the win. Have been MM since level 1, loving my rotations, the thought that I'm a living, breathing turret of awesomeness and the fun that I'm having while also contributing to my raid is also exhilarating. I went from the "always-undergeared-but-nice-to-raid-with" huntard to the top geared hunter in my guild, always sticking to my favorite MM tree, trying different things and just having fun. That's what matters! I love that my spec does not depend entirely on my pet gnawing on my target or random procs of Lock and Load (too Boomkiny for me) too.
    For Deathbringer Saurfang I switched to my pvp Spec to kite the beasts and hated every second of it. Now, I'm pretty good at kiting and I used Survival in arenas, but I just hated the idea of it because it wasn't what I wanted to do with my hunter. We wiped, and wiped, and wiped on him for many nights until we just decided to switch all DPS on one beast while the other one is stunned and then just move back to boss when all beasts are down. I switched to Marksmanship for the fight and did a whopping 6.2k dps. And we got him down!

    Cheers, Blunderbooze from Shandris! We are on the same realm it seems. We should chat (I'm Alliance, however).

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