Yeah, I’m MM – but I still love my pet.

I keep seeing all these, “I’m BM because I love my pet” stories. Shit, dude. I love my pet, too. Eidan is my hero. I pet him and love him and feed him cookies. I save him from almost certain doom, and he saves me. This is what a hunter is. Any hunter not using his pet is just a huntard. It’s part of the class. In fact, I recently drew him with Nassira happily gnawing on a Dranaei leg. I wouldn’t be a hunter if I didn’t ❤ my pet, and Eidan doesn’t mind not turning big and red. He knows he’ll still get fed at the end of the day.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on September 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Yeah, I’m MM – but I still love my pet.”

  1. I certainly think that hunters of all stripes love their pets! Survival and Marksman hunters no doubt love their pets as much as us Beastmasters. I guess what I mean when I talk about it, which maybe I need to clarify better… is I love the synthesis of “Pet procs Ferocious Inspiration for me, so I proc Kill Command/GftT for my pet”, etc. There are adding all sorts of stuff like that in the expansion, it makes me a happy panda.

  2. Hehe Yeah, I’m thinking about leveling to 80 as BM. I’m psyched about Rhinos. I want to name mine Baby. =P

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