The Wonders (and pains) of Hyjal

Last night we ran Hyjal again. Oh Hyjal. When your name is spoken, I get a mixture of emotion welling up inside. Either this could go really really well, or it could be complete and utter boring failure. I still don’t know if I like this damn place or not. First of all, if you wipe, you start all over. HUGE incentive not to wipe, but that’s not really for me to control, so it’s pretty frustrating when it happens. Then our guild assigns the kiting to the hunters. There are four hunters (we were short on players last night, generally we only have three), but poor Keroth always gets the shaft, so I volunteered. Now – the kiting is FUN. Don’t get me wrong. But there are those incredibly frustrating moments where the neighborhood paladin won’t let go of the stupid mob. “Hey, I’m kiting that!” I say. “Oh sorry,” he says. Then five seconds later – “Where’s Jana?” I’ll tell you where Jana is. She’s over in the corner twiddling her damn thumbs because no one pays attention to the lowly kiter. “Oh don’t worry, Nass, I got your back,” says my healer. Mmmhmm. Right. But it’s okay. I’ve found a solution to the monotony and repetitiveness of Hyjal.


That’s right, a bottle of wine makes Hyjal the most exciting, fast-paced instance you’ve ever been in. Not only that, but kiting is much more challenging! Sometimes you spin in too many circles and start running toward the mob! Sometimes you accidently target the wrong mob! And sometimes you can’t figure out why you can’t Concussion shot your mob only to find he’d been killed thirty seconds ago! See? Problem solved. Hyjal is now fun and exciting. But I always look forward to the kill of the fourth boss on anything past a Tuesday, because it means we can head to BT the next night and I can actually have some real fun.

Regardless of my … handicap … we downed the first four bosses with very few problems. Why we don’t attempt our Main Man is beyond me, as I feel we could handle it. But it’s alright. I got my T6 gloves – wasn’t expecting that with four other people wanting them. So I’m feeling pretty proud. It must mean I’m doing something right, even when I’m a little tipsy.

On another note, why don’t those damn Cryptstalkers have a mana pool?? They cast shit, and it seems like it should be mana-based, but it’s not, so I can’t silence them to me, and the waves when I have to kite them suck.

I can’t wait for WotLK. Anyone think the patch is today?


~ by Kelly Jennelle on September 30, 2008.

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