The Woes of Raiding Before an Expansion

What to do? You know the expansion is coming. Very soon. It seems like it’s only a few days away. So of course, this causes unrest in the guild. “Why even keep going” seems to be the general question. But I’m of two minds on this. While it does seem a “waste of time” to keep raiding when the upgrades are just around the corner, the fact of the matter is that you should always strive to accomplish all you can, and having only one more month to accomplish whatever is left is frustrating. When half the guild doesn’t really want to be there, progression is at a stand-still. So what to do? Or rather, how should I approach it? On one hand, I’d love to have that extra time for other in-game things – gaining a title, getting reputation, messing around during the holidays, leveling an alt – but on the other, I’d love to say we downed Archimonde before the expansion. I’d love to parade around in more T6 if only for a few weeks. And we can always use practice on our communication and teamwork within the guild.

How are you and your guild approaching this?


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Woes of Raiding Before an Expansion”

  1. T6 gear will last a lot longer than a few weeks. Some pieces will be replaced with 25man Naxx gear but much of the stuff you can get in places like Sunwell won’t. Which is why its pissing me off that we have raiders disappearing when we’re on the verge of downing Kil’Jaeden. How stupid is that?

    As much as I’d love to spend the time trying to stock up on gold and work on achievements, I think its more important to us as a raiding guild to keep our skills honed. Even just a couple of weeks off can make people rusty.


    Thanks for your input. I’m leaning in the same direction. I’ll be making a post today about our first attempts on Archimonde. =)

  3. Our guild has opted to continue raiding up until Wrath. Our reasons are two fold.

    First, we have several new raiders and we want to work on teamwork, soft skills and group coordination in preparation for more challenging content in Wrath. We approach every raid as a training exercise with opportunity for growth.

    Second, we just enjoy running together and are not ready to give up raiding yet.

    That said, we have scaled back and a lot of the old time raiders are opting out in favor of leveling alts and stock piling gold.

    I look at the next few weeks as sort of a holiday – time to relax, enjoy my friends and pursue whatever game interest I most enjoy before everything gets reset in Wrath.

  4. Thanks for the input. I’m also very excited about the aspect of grouping to level. I leveled by myself from 1-70, and THEN found a guild. It will be so nice to have a guild first. Always someone with your quest, always people to run instances with…it will be fantastic.

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