Marksman Spec in WotLK

**EDIT** This is clearly quite old. For more updates, ideas, and spec suggestions, keep checking back at! Thanks for reading! **END EDIT**


I’ve been playing with the tree all day (it’s slow at work) and I think I’ve come up with a few pretty good options for the MM tree as well as Survival. Right now, BM isn’t looking as good, but I’ve included two of my favorites for that tree anyway. You can check them all out below.

MM, Raid Function/Damage :

Surv, Raid Function/Damage :

BM Option 1 :

BM Option 2 :

If you’d like me to elaborate on why I chose what I did, feel free to ask questions in comments or email me at

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~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Marksman Spec in WotLK”

  1. With hit gear in short supply (apparently) in Wrath, Focused Aim is a MUST. Other than that, it’s up in the air right now what talents will be others. Wild Quiver apparently isn’t worth it – it accounted for less than a percent of overall DPS.

    Right now there is a debate on mana efficiency and the fate of AotV: Is a point or two in Rapid Recuperation worth it just for a Rapid Fire-Readiness-Rapid Fire mana regen system? We’ll see 🙂

  2. Hi there!
    What I see as a better SV tree is

    Not very far away from yours but there are some shufflings around. here’s the “why”:

    Survival Tactics: I don’t know what is your experience with SV hunters, but all I can tell you is: with 45% crit you gain SO much threat if you get a lucky steak… So we FD often. The trap bonus is welcome. Disengage CD bonus for PvP. Oh, SV PvP may be unviable, but is tons of fun…

    Lock and load: I think that the chances to trap something to get the proc are so small in raid environments. Nice for PvP but personaly I won’t put my hopes and money on it. As for the 2% on stings. Not even worth it.

    Resourcefullness: I mostly choose it to make the down tiers avaiable. you see, the mana% is not really important in PvE. You won’t spend that much time using melee anyways. It will help in spamming some Wing Clips if kitting is needed without going oom. Only fire traps cost much so it will help on AoE but not really much. What is important is the 4 sec. CD less on traps. This with Trap Mastery will make sure you will chaintrap with no stress and no mobs running around from trap A to trap B.

    Master Tactician: That is simply wasted points. Now that EW is selfbuff (and a crappy one if they don’t change the AGI -> AP numbers) I won’t go crazy for crit% anyway. Especially since my crit% rests somewhere near 45%. this 10% bonus isn’t worth the 5 points in it.

    Wyvern Sting: IMBA CC for PvP, might save a priest in PvE (just remember to cast scorpid if you need to trap it or sheep it later), nice DoT either way.

    Noxious Stings: Nice effect in PvP, 1% bonus damage on your stinged target (remeber, devs want us to use it often anyways).

    Hunting Party: well, we can’t spec 51/51/51 yet, so no more points. After all you probably won’t be the only battery in the raid, and even that way the buff will be up (as tests have shown) more than 85% of the time by you alone.

    Focused Aim: I don’t know how much AGI and HIT% the new itemization offers, but as of now, AGI and Hit% are on separate gear. Since SVs rely on AGI (for crit% and EW) we used to have no way to hit the cap, so 3% from that talent will help. If the gear allows a change then proceed to it. Just because hit% > all.

    It may have some less damage potential but more utility and I think that’s what will count in the long run. At least now that DPS will be *normalized* across the board.


  3. Ops! I posted the wrong like thar! ./shy

  4. wrong link. don’t seem able to edit or repost?

  5. Thanks for the input! @ Olaff – I’m not too familiar with the SV tree. My specialty is MM – so your suggestions are very interesting. I can’t wait to get my hands on it so I can play with it.

    @ Neg – I find myself rarely using Rapid Fire, though this new tree feels like it’s revolving around it. So I’ll have to play with it. Right now, I only pop Rapid Fire when I have a Bloodlust and trinket, then just hammer away to regen some mana while keeping the damage up. With the bosses we’re fighting right now, the fights are incredibly short and need burst damage, so there’s usually only one rapid fire available, and since we can still clip autos…well…better safe than sorry. BUT – As I said, with all these new changes, I can’t wait to get my hands on it and see how effective Rapid Fire will be now, especially with Readiness. May have to rework the entire thing. Wouldn’t that be FUN!?!? =D


  6. Go SV

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