Archimonde is a Pansy

We finally had our first attempts on Archimonde! After one-shotting Kaz and Az (twins maybe?), we went on to the Night Elf camp, which really made me feel like my heroes were missing and I needed more wisps…Anyway, we spent about 20 minutes just jumping off the cliff. Man is that fun! We had a few sped kids, but overall, people got the hang of it pretty quickly. I was leaping off the edge with my talbuk, falling like a rock and sailing the last few meters gracefully to the ground. I got it the first time, but I just kept doing it, cuz it was really REALLY fun. Meanwhile I was thinking, “It can’t be this easy during the fight…” But it kinda was. Besides the fact that you never have time to prepare, you have plenty of time while falling to figure out what just happened and make sure you don’t go rocketing to your death. Avoiding the fire is a little bit more tricky, but definitely doable. And man is this guy squishy! It would be nice if I could just stand there and let loose. I guess that’s what the last 20% is for.

We had a few attempts on him before a few people had to call it quits early (lame!), and we got him down to 85%. I think it was just enough time for people to get used to what they were doing. Besides being feared into the fire once, I did pretty well, I thought. Everyone was having a great time, including our grumpier members, which made the whole thing so much more enjoyable.

In summary, GREAT experience, and it’s almost worth the monotony of Hyjal just to attempt him again. I hear it takes a long time for guilds to down him. Your stories are more than welcome. =D I can’t decide who’s more fun, Archi or Gorefiend.


❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Archimonde is a Pansy”

  1. It is actually a surprisingly easy fight. The only problem is that NO ONE (!!!) may screw up…

  2. Yeah, that’s the biggest problem. It will take a long time for EVERYONE to learn, even if 98% of us have it down. But it’s okay – I have faith!

  3. Part of me just wants to use my Parachute Cloak the whole fight so I have more wiggle room with the Air Bursts. 😡

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