Rapid Fire – New Trend?

With some comments others have given me and my own further analysis of the new MM tree, I believe that the entire tree is supposed to be focused around Rapid Fire and its mana-saving, haste-improving, insta-cooldown properties. Given this assumption, this is a new spec – granted, rotations and playstyle will have to be changed greatly, but that’s the really fun stuff that I’ll get to do when the xpac comes around. People will think I have an intimate relationship with those target dummies. >.> Oh, also keeping in mind that auto shot can’t be clipped anymore, I’ve picked up IAotH. Looks like haste will be a big part of the MM tree now. I could be completely wrong (why oh why don’t I have a beta key?!) but I guess I’ll find out!


Questions or comments, you know where to put ’em.

And a big thanks to everyone who’s been spreading my name around. ❤ I’m very new to the community, but a fine one it is!


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rapid Fire – New Trend?”

  1. If you want my honest opinions on it:

    -3 Improved Arcane. It’s weaker than Aimed, and only BARELY cheaper. You gain about 150 DPS if you shift from Steady/Arcane/Chimera to Steady/Aimed/Chimera.
    -3 Improved Hunter’s Mark. Someone else is bound to have it, and you really, REALLY need those points elsewhere as Marksmanship.
    +3 Improved Stings. This makes Chimera go from “oh wow, that hits hard” to “oh my crap, did I just crit for 5k + 2k?”
    +2 Survival Instincts. Less dead Hunter = more DPS Hunter, and since you’re firing 4 Steadies per 6 shots, 4% more crit on Steady = a good thing.
    -1 Rapid Recuperation. It’s handy, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m already subsisting well enough with 1/2 to not consider 2/2 necessary.
    +1 Silencing Shot. It has a real interrupt now, meaning it’s perfectly acceptable to use in PVE.

    And yeah, I’m mostly just using Rapid Fire as a tool to get out of Viper faster. I’m already considering using a macro of:

    /castsequence reset=17.5 Aspect of the Viper, Rapid Fire, Aspect of the Hawk

    And then hit Hawk early if I really need out before the 15 seconds of Rapid Fire is over (which I usually do).

  2. Awesome input – it’s good to hear from someone who has actually gotten to mess with this stuff. The patch will help me make my decisions easier.

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