Who Got Beaten With The Sensitive-Stick?

This is going to be a bit of a rant. A gentle one, but a rant nonetheless.

When there are many people working toward a common goal, there are a few things that will always happen and should be accepted.

1. When you have more than 10 people, cliques will form.

2. When things go wrong, people will lay blame on others due to frustration.

3. When things go wrong, those who really are to blame refuse to admit it when they’re called out.

4. People who believe they’re doing wrong will automatically believe they’re being called out when really they heard a generalized statement.

5. Whispers will fly between cliques and rumors will start.

Now that we know about these things and expect them, no matter how old/mature/behaved our members are, we can accept the fact that these things will happen. Either we can pretend to overlook them, or we can understand each other, stay calm, and work out disagreements peacefully and openly.

What isn’t an option : After one or two broadly-stated rhetorical questions (where’s the *insert raid need here*?), deciding you are too frustrated to continue and leaving the raid to fend for themselves the rest of the night.

I can understand being upset. I can understand getting into a situation with someone else in which you’re not comfortable around them anymore. I can even understand the need for a breather. But not during a raid in which 24 other people are counting on you. You can be as pissy, grumpy, sad, or frustrated as you want, but let’s understand that simply because one person SEEMS to be on your back doesn’t mean you can abandon 23 of your friends for that little reason.

In a situation of open harassment, I could see the need to leave. However, the one doing the harassment should be the one forced to leave. But freaking out and throwing a hissy fit when someone makes a general statement about the failure of a fight is NOT a cool thing to do. No one likes a rhetorical question directed at their area of expertise, but let’s be realistic here. Shit happens. On BOTH ends. The sooner people accept this, the sooner we can work together to accomplish our common goal.

There has been a lot of drama in my drama-less guild lately. I’m getting very depressed with it. Drama will always happen, but it’s how you handle it that counts. Right now, I wish we were handling it better.

I’d also like to add this : for lack of a better term, let’s grow some. Even if this particular situation that I’m referring to wasn’t blame-worthy, when it IS blame-worthy, when you KNOW you did something wrong…grow a pair and admit it. It’s really not that tough to say, “Wow, I’m so sorry, I totally fucked up.” Also, when someone irks you, grow a pair and let them know exactly why. You can do it respectfully, trust me. It relieves tension, it puts things in perspective, and most importantly it allows us to move on. All it takes is some guts and a keyboard.



~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Who Got Beaten With The Sensitive-Stick?”

  1. *hug*

    If it makes up for it, I’ll be the first person to admit my failures – usually with something along the lines of “god damn that was stupid of me”. I have the rather annoying habit of being infinitely harder on myself than I am on my peers or my raidmates, and I’ll berate myself for something that I don’t think anyone else would, like missing the Riflemen with my kiting mob in Hyjal.

    I dunno how sensitive people like that are gonna handle stuff like Naxx, with its multiple tiny idiosyncrasies (Anub kiting, Understudy controlling, Thaddius charges, Grobbulus clouds, etc. etc. etc.). I mean, hell, I’m sensitive – probably more sensitive than most people – but it’s a game, first off, and it’s criticism at my performance, not my person.

  2. Thanks for the /hug. =) Things got worked out last night. I have such amazing guild leaders. ❤

    We’ll be back on track, kickin’ ass and takin’ names in no time.

    I know what you mean about being your biggest critic, though. Especially as an artist and musician, I’m never happy with my work, and it stretches into WoW as well. I’ll apologize in vent and people will wait a second and then as why. lol

    Peace out, Blueberry =P

  3. “Rilgon, would you quit apologizing already?”

    If I had a gold for every time I’ve heard that…

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