Scatter Shot is BACK!

Has everyone seen the newest changes???

Changed a few graphics, as well. Check it out! More on this later.


Edit : Nass is not happy. Nass is not happy at all. WTF are these changes? They just reverted back to everything and gimped it all. Who said, “Hey, I have an idea! Why don’t we just simplify everything and make more useless talents?” WTF. WTF. They must’ve discovered some serious overpoweredness to make these changes. This will take some getting used to. But seriously…WTF.

Anyway, this is all I can come up with. But the path is pretty obvious now I guess. So lame.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Scatter Shot is BACK!”

  1. Erm….I just logged into the PTR and they didnt revert the changes. Blizz are too lazy to update their own talent calculators.

  2. If what you say is true, it will be the best news I’ve heard all day. Because that is just lame. LAME! Can anyone else confirm? Also, it says on their page that it was updated 10/7…so…wtf?

  3. Those are not accurate at all.

    Don’t trust Blizzard’s talent calculator; use WoWHead or MMO-Champion. 😛

  4. Dangit… I was all psyched about Mortal Shots being back… /sob

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