Wait a Minute…

Um…So I was glancing back at my sheet and I realized something horrific. 9% + 7% + 16% + (5% * 13) = 97%.  Right? So…um…

Serpent Sting + Kill Shot + Chimaera Shot + (Steady Shot * 13) = full mana pool. Which is approximately 24 seconds casting time. So…wait…lemme get this straight…before I can even use Chimaera Shot the second time, I’ll be OUT OF MANA?! Okay, so – there’s the MM mana reduction talents – -10% from each shot. That will give me a few extra seconds of DPS, but not many. Then there’s the Rapid Recouperation function – a few more seconds there. Also the Steady Shot reduction. A few more steady shots now. Overall, we can probably DPS for…what…a full minute? Maybe two? Probably won’t even make it to 2, so no constant potions either.

Someone please enlighten me. Because that, to me, seems ridiculous. How often are we expected to go into Viper? 90% of the fight?? I can’t wait to get home tonight.


EDIT : See comments on this post to see progression of understanding. lolz This is why we ask questions.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Wait a Minute…”

  1. Base mana != max mana, hun.

  2. Explain, please.

  3. Your base mana does not take into account all that lovely +int on your gear, if I have it right. *too lazy to go look it up*

  4. Hmmm still lacking, IMO. It’s not like we have tons of extra mana. Prolly what, 3k? So we’ll probably hit the 2 minute mark. But I suppose that’s about the same as it is right now, eh?

  5. http://www.wowwiki.com/Base_mana

    Hunters at level 70 have 3383 base mana – raid-buffed, I have about 7200 mana. That’s a ratio of about 2.12:1.

    I mean yeah, Chimera Shot at level 70 is still about 500 mana, but you’re also gonna regenerate about 405 mana a shot in Viper (if you match my level of Int). It’s gonna be okay, I promise. 🙂

    You dip into and out of Viper a fair amount, but that amount goes down the more SPriests/Ret Paladins/SV Hunters you have, and if you have Judgment of Wisdom, it’s way down.

  6. That’s much better than what I was thinking. >.< Thanks for clearing it up. Still only about 3k extra mana from Int, so yeah, mana useage is looking about the same as it is now, though Viper has the potential to be better, perhaps? I’m hearing that Viper will most likely be nerfed, because some folks can use it for 10 seconds and get back to full mana. Is that true?

  7. Yep. When I pop Rapid Fire and dip into Viper, I usually get to full mana in 9-12 seconds, then jump out of Viper and enjoy the rest of the Rapid Fire at 100% damage.

    Rapid Recuperation (1 point) helps a TON.

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