Marksmanship is Sick

In a good way. Check out the details here.


But in all seriousness, here. Now, notice the top end damage. 1600dps. Um…1600dps. o.O Completely unbuffed.

I didn’t have enough time to play like I wanted, as the Outlands was down and I was logged in Shatt…but I finally managed to port to Org and play with the dummies. I started in that BM spec and reached about 1100 dps (sorry, no screenshots – I forgot I should’ve done it at that point) using all my cooldowns. The damage was sporradic and didn’t surpass 1300 at any point. Keep in mind that I didn’t have an exotic pet, just Eidan (don’t worry, Eidan, you’re still exotic to me) but – Since both specs are new, they are capable of so much more than I probably put into them last night. My next goal is to get a good system down and really rock the keybinds/macros to get things where I want them. I also need to develop a good strategy for Kill Command and Rabid.

Regardless, Marksman is clearly superior in damage to BM if only for the fact that your crit chance goes up a massive amount, and your AP as well. 33% crit for a MM hunter? Ridiculous. Plus the 2600 AP when I would normally have around that amount fully raid buffed…

Things to remember – I’m currently hit-capped, and probably won’t end up that way further down the line, so I’m sure that improves the circumstances quite a bit. Also, starting with a full mana pool and using Rapid Fire, Readiness, Rapid Fire on Aspect of the Hawk, I could all-out dps for approximately 2 minutes before being completely out of mana. As BM, it goes down slightly slower. However, regaining that mana as BM takes longer than regaining it in MM (if you use Rapid Fire with Viper).

2 minutes is not a lot of full DPS time. Pre-patch, I could all-out dps for at least 3 minutes. Unfortunately, with the limited amount of time I had last night, I didn’t test the Rapid Fire while using Viper regen ability. My plan for tonight is to run a 10-minute fight, which is basically average to longer boss fight time. Hopefully I can get a feel for how things should run and how much Viper will gimp my overall DPS.

Now, before I say this, don’t get up in arms – but from my little tests, MM is definitely the way to go for raids. I would say BM is strictly for leveling, or for tanking (hunter tanks? weird, but true) five mans. So unless they make some uber changes, I think we’re going to start seeing lots more raiding MM hunters. Right now (as I was) everyone is very interested in seeing the new pets and abilities and exotic choices, but it will fade soon, people will drop all their devilsaurs (man, that rumbling is obnoxious), and we may have a similar situation to the “YOU DONT RAID BM??! – YOU NOOB” issue, only reversed. I hope some people still stick with BM though. This would be a sad little world (of warcraft) with no variety. I for one certainly won’t flame you, after all I’ve been through as a MM hunter during TBC.

Extra thoughts – my pet crit for 508. Regular hits were 180-230. And they came every second. BAM BAM BAM……all I can say is, I don’t ever want to be on the receiving end of that.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “Marksmanship is Sick”

  1. I could be wrong but from what I understand many people have been testing the specs at 80 and they all seem to be roughly equal in terms of DPS (with some variations in terms of who is doing the testing)… is certainly would not surprise me if BM is behind at the moment, when we don’t have access to all our pet talent points, exotic pets are going to get further tweaked, and we do not have the points into some of the important lower-level MM talents.

  2. Yeah, I’m assuming things will be more even come lvl 80. But if you think about it, MM damage and BM damage weren’t so different during TBC either. So…I still think we’ll get flamers.

  3. How do you reckon MM damage and BM damage weren’t so different? It’s mathematically impossible for MM to even get close to BM. 😐

    But yeah, the differences in damage at 80 with good Naxx-25 gear are marginal. But MM is still the top recorded DPS in Patchwerk. /waggle

  4. What do you consider “close”, bra? lol I spoke with a hunter in EJ and after taking a look at my gear/dmg/rotations, etc. he told me I could be doing….drumroll….32 more dps as BM. =o MOTHER OF GOD! Must…..respec…..32dps…..too much to lose…..

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