Nassira, The Hallowed

Anyone else think that sounds effin’ awesome? I’m so going for it. All I need is the toothpick and the Hallowed Helm and I’m so in! I spent forever running all over Azeroth and then trading for Wand charges and all that stuff. The HKs were pretty easy (G.N.E.R.D.) and it was really my first BG experience with the new Marksman spec. Oh, here’s what I’ve found works best, btw (for MM in PvE, not BGs, I guess that sounds bad).

I haven’t done an actual raid yet (I’m not counting the Kara we sliced through in an hour and some-odd minutes) so I won’t know exactly how much I’m gimped by having only one point in RR (less time in Viper = good time) so we’ll find out tonight hopefully. I did run a few heroics, though, and let me tell you – AMAZING damage increase. Also had a boomkin in my group who kept up with my damage point for point. SH was the easiest thing in the world, and we had a warrior tank. A warrior tank who was doing more damage than the third DPS in our group….OP much? Anyway, considering the fact that I was eating spaghetti and playing with my mouse for 30% of the fight and still managed top damage and 1300dps is pretty impressive considering I only have one piece of T6 and I wasn’t using a pet (I was leveling a sporebat for PvP later). So yeah, overall, VERY impressed with hunter PvE changes, and mildly surprised at the new PvP viability. It’s still not the best PvP situation ever, but at least we have a few new tricks up our sleeves, and selecting the right pet will be one of the most important things. Oh, also – my gorilla tanked Vandar for a few seconds because he accidently pulled it off the tank. >.> Whoops.

Another issue – NERF PALLADINS! That is all. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s coming…but it can’t come fast enough. Oh, and those poor, poor mages…so gimped. I was destroying my buddy in duels in about 3 seconds. And he’s a fantastic player. And I’m a terrible PvPer, especially in duels. He’s so depressed. He and my shaman friend are in the gutters crying. It’s so sad. =( All I can do is give them love and try not to brag about my new awesome stuff.

Anyone else having similarly ridiculous experiences? I had a buddy who’s BM saying he was doing the same or less damage, so I asked him exactly what he was doing. I told him to stop using Arcane and his dps went up by 300. Lolz. Reminds me of a LoLCats – “BM…youz doin it rong.”


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 20, 2008.

4 Responses to “Nassira, The Hallowed”

  1. Our whole guild is coming together to help a good buddy get his Hallowed title. It’s actually a big part of his RP storyline (we’re dorks?) so we’re really rooting for him ❤

  2. Good luck!! =) How are you enjoying the patch? Notice anything of worth? I read about your wasp…I’m jealous, I was going to name mine Serenity…maybe I’ll go with Jayne. =P

  3. Us BM’s shouldn’t use Arcane? I must be doing it wrong too…

  4. Lovin’ the patch, really, I haven’t had this much fun in WoW in ages.

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