Hyjal, Car Theft, and Thank You’s

No time to test Spec #1 last night, as we ran attempts on Archimonde right up until midnight (and I’m an old fogie and need my sleep). Probably won’t be able to test tonight, either. I can’t wait until I get a new car and I can take off the extra 30 minutes of commute.

Oh, I guess you don’t know. A month ago, my car was stolen right out of my apartment parking lot. Now, it’s not a very nice car (95 Honda Accord is such a target), but I did have all my childhood toys in the trunk from when I visited home. So I was kinda depressed about that. Anyway, it was presumed gone forever, Insurance payed me ($500 more than I paid for my car!), and then a day after I cash the check, the Police calls and tells me they found it right outside town without any damage or missing items. o.O People are fuckin’ ridiculous. Anyway, the good news is that I get to claim my stuff, the bad news is that I still have to buy a new car (although basically I got two free years of driving with my old one). It’s only getting colder, and the days are getting shorter, and I better find a car soon. Last night, some chick decided she would sing loudly (and very badly) on the public bus. After about ten minutes of it, someone finally told her to shut up. But it was pretty funny while it lasted. You can see why I’d like a car again.

Anyway, back to WoW –

What I did see last night in Hyjal was this; even though I was kiting/wyrm-tanking/doomed/etc. like normal, I still managed 7th overall in DPS, keeping up with our Fury warrior and surpassing two mages and a warlock. I know the mages were busy decursing, and I dunno what the warlock was doing, but still…usually hunters are pretty damn low in Hyjal. So I’m very impressed with Volley, as are most of the other hunters I’ve spoken with. Rage was down from before. I was top damage on Anatheron until my embarrasingly untimely death, second by very little on Kaz with about 1450dps (and I was mana-concious as well, so that ain’t bad using Viper instead of Serpent), Doomed during Azgalor, and well, Archi is Archi, so it depended on a lot of things. Have I mentioned I’m sick of Hyjal? If we do Hyjal tonight, I’m on strike.

If I have time after HH this evening, I’ll do some dummy tests with this spec and post the results. I tried to take a screenshot of the Volley damage but the numbers faded just as I hit it and it slowed my framerate down so much that I didn’t want to risk it again. Better luck next time.

I wanna take a minute to thank my frequent commenters. You know who you are. =) It’s good to have knowledgeable hunters checking up on me, correcting any stats I’ve got wrong and bringing up good points. You’re kind of like the teacher with the red pen.



~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 21, 2008.

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