Not Sure I Understand This…

I was looking over the pie chart for Chimera and Chimera – Serpent, and I became confused. Here are the charts –

So – Under Chimera Shot – Serpent, is Hit the amount that Serpent contributes to Chimera? Because if that’s the case, it shouldn’t have its own piece of the pie…right? It should be part of the Chimera pie. And how does Chimera – Serpent Crit?? I thought it took a steady amount from Serpent and I thought that Serpent couldn’t crit on tic. In fact, I know it can’t, because my Serpent Sting section of the chart showed a steady tic for 319. And I know for a fact that my Chimera hits never went over that max crit of 4012, trust me, I would’ve noticed. So what is this? Someone care to explain?

*EDIT* – We’ve figured it out. As Rilgon explained, Chimera Shot hits for its own damage, and if you have Serpent active, there will be a second SEPARATE hit for the amount equal to a steady 40% of the total damage your sting is capable of (which is always the same number – you do not have to keep sting up for a while before using Chimera to get the full effect). So there are two pieces to the pie chart, each piece different, but the damage of each hitting at the same time. So effectively, when you crit with Chimera and you see a big 4015, there’s also a big 1753 hitting at the same time, which means you effectively can crit for over 5k with one instant shot. Pure pwnage.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Not Sure I Understand This…”

  1. If I am gathering your question right, here is my best answer:

    Chimera Shot will always have to portions of damage done when you fire. Chimera Shot, which is the weapon damage portion which you see as blue section of your pie chart. And then it does a second chunk of damage equal to 40% of the total damage Serpent Sting will deal over the course of it’s duration. In your chart, you see this as the pink section. And of course the yellow section is the damage your actual Serpent Sting does each tick.

    Both portions attached to Chimera Shot (the weapon damage and the sting damage) deal nature damage are capable of a critical strike. Not to be confused with the ticks of Serpent Sting.

    I think that was your question. Hopefully I answered it. If I completely misunderstood it, feel free to contact me. Glad to help!

  2. That was what I was assuming, but then why isn’t it all included in the “Chimera Shot” section? Instead, it adds another piece of pie to the chart, making it confusing in thinking that it’s an entirely seperate portion of damage? See what I’m saying?

  3. Chimera Shot hits twice if a Serpent or Viper is up on the target. This has a lot of different things it causes – it double-dips on JoW, double-dips on Viper, and makes two instances in your combat log/scrolling combat text/Recount.

    And the damage done by the Serpent component of Chimera is 40% of the damage that the Serpent Sting has done, not that it will do.

  4. Ahh okay, thank you very much. So I will see TWO different numbers pop up at once. Will they both be yellow, or is the *extra* damage white?

  5. They’re both yellow, as they’re both special attacks (and non-physical).

  6. Rilgon – see comment I made on your site. Sorry, didn’t know if you got my reply messages from my own. Anyway, see what I mean? I’m certain I didn’t refresh stings/hit chimera at the same time every round, so if what you’re saying is true, the damage would have to differ slightly and have a Min and Max difference, but as it stands, it’s all the same.

  7. Yeah, I just did some testing on SES… and, yeah… >_>;

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