A New Look for Nass


We finally skipped Hyjal last night and did TK instead! Now, normally I’d be all, “OMG I HATE TK” because I’ve done it a million times, but since our guild has yet to down Kael (and because anything is better than Hyjal), I’m so there. We DESTROYED bosses 1-3 (I know it’s to be expected, but it’s always surprising when it happens). Even when not on my A-game, see results of MM Madness below –


Now, I’ve killed Lootreaver probably 10-15 times in my previous guilds and let me tell you – never have I had such bad luck with drops. So FINALLY, my T5 shoulders dropped, and man was I happy. I’d been staring at those lame T4 shoulders for a year. Not only that, but the axe dropped, so I took that as my second dual-wield, so now I’m sporting some kickass gear. I lost a bit of hit from my 2 hander, but I gained a bunch of AP, and I just gemmed in more Hit. So it’s true – you can look badass and still be badass.


Before After

As for the Kael attempts, this was the first time we’ve ever decided to try him. We had been focusing on Vashj instead before patch 2.4. Keeping that in mind, we made it halfway through stage 4 with 21 people. So Kael has been quite seriously gimped like mad. That, and we did pretty well.

All in all, VERY successful night for <Explicit> and Nass. I finally got to see what my spec can do with all these new abilities.

Mistakes I Made :

1. I didn’t use Kill Command. At all.
2. I had a hell of a time remembering to use Hunter’s Mark on everything, and when I did use it, the mobs went down too fast for me to get much benefit from it anyway.
3. While in testing the Improved Tracking, there were a few moments where I forgot to track what it was I was shooting. More on this later.
4. The auto-select next target broke a sheep or two, so I had to come up with a system of off-clicking to combat it.
5. I failed on MDing the dudes in the circle room. I mean really failed. lol Not gonna live that one down. I redeemed myself later, though.

All in all, I could’ve done better, but I could’ve done worse, too. The issues I had are easy to fix. Macro Kill Command into Steady, choose a better binding for Hunter’s Mark, etc.


I tested my Spec #1 before the raid, first with my normal shots (serpent, chimera, then steadies all the way), and then with putting Aimed Shot into the rotation. I ran a pretty short test – three Hawk phases to two Viper phases. The results were these –

Aimed consumes more mana and made the fight 30 seconds shorter. It also kept my DPS relatively the same as if I simply used steady shot, if not slightly lower. Now, like I said, this was a messy, unscientific test – but the results make me curious. I’ll be doing the “Scientific 15” later this week with that rotation.

I also found something disturbing to me – we can’t track dummies. So testing the effects of Improved Tracking is going to prove to be rather difficult. So I came up with this :

“Hey Jailer, can you meet me outside Org? I have a little favor to ask…” And then I beat on his sexy Tauren warrior body with each spec. Results? A little too messy to tell right now. I’ll be doing more (and better) tests later. The result of the messy test was this –

Points in BM = shorter length of fight, more DPS

But as I said, this in NO WAY proves that having those points in BM instead of SV is better, because I did not take an average from 15 seperate fights. Any number of things could’ve happened in that short of a battle – higher crits, fewer pet hits, whatever. So although things are looking like I thought, I still need more time to decide for sure. And hopefully I can hire a healer to heal Jailer so I can beat on him for longer, although it took effing forever to get him down anyway. OP prot warriors….


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “A New Look for Nass”

  1. Grats on your win! I wore that BP for a lonnnngggg time. About 5 months until I finally got he T6.

    For now, make a VERY simple macro that is essentially steady shot, plus kill command whenever it is up. That way, you don’t have to change how you interact with steady shot and the macro will remember to cast KC for you. So something like:
    #showtooltip Steady Shot
    /cast Steady Shot
    /cast [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command

    Will make your pet use KC on its target whenever it’s up. Easy and not too hacky.

  2. Thanks! Oh, on that macro – is that spammable? I had a few tests of other macros that weren’t and it drove me crazy. Thanks for the input.

    ❤ Nass

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