Kael’thas Down!

<Explicit> prevails! Kael’thas down! Woot!! This was our second night ever attempting him. I believe it took us 6 tries before we finally got him. Yeah, I know he was beaten with the nerf bat repeatedly and that we were blessed with god-like powers last patch, but still….it’s Kael. So I got my Remnant and also won the T5 chestpiece (although I’m retarded and was thinking it was my 2 piece bonus when it was my 3rd, so I feel bad – Skorp should’ve won it – totally passing on whatever he wants next).

Man, what a fun fight, though. I had a blast. Now all we need is Vashj to complete our skipped bosses (and get the Hand of A’dal title). Speaking of titles, try this on for size – tada!


Now, I know what you’re thinking, but according to the autorities, when the next patch comes out, that Mask achievement will be taken out of the list and I will get my Hallowed title. Woot!

Massive testing project is going down tomorrow night unless something major comes up. I’ll post the results tomorrow. Other than that, not much to report! Kael’s death makes for a happy Nass.

P.S. You were right, the WoWhead links don’t work. Lame.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 23, 2008.

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