Bosses Down, But I Don’t Care

So last night we killed Gorefiend, Bloodboil, and Reliquary…

But who gives a fuck? Why are we even still raiding at this point? It’s too damn easy. I was on the phone the entire time, not paying attention to anything. I didn’t even know the strats. Ridiculous. All I wanted was to hit these bosses for REAL and now we’re faking our way through. I’m not very happy with our cruise mentality right now…I’d so much rather just farm at this point. I really feel this is a waste of time. Didn’t even take teamwork this time around, we just spanked them.

I’m so depressed. =( I can’t wait til we start leveling and raiding all over again and I can start from the beginning this time instead of coming into raiding so damn late.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on October 28, 2008.

13 Responses to “Bosses Down, But I Don’t Care”

  1. 😐

    Maybe I’m the opposite – we hit BT tonight and got Gorefiend and Bloodboil for our first time. It was touch and go – two pulls for Gorefiend and four for Bloodboil – but I enjoyed it. Easy? Eh… I don’t think anything about playing a Hunter is necessarily “easy”, and especially playing MM, with all the nonsense we have to pay attention to.

    Maybe we just have different raiding mentalities. Maybe you’re just hardcore and I’m just a scrub, like one of your linked bloggers has so “lovingly” referred to me as several times.

    *shrug* Wrath’s soon enough. Hang in until then. πŸ™‚

  2. It seriously happened so quickly that I didn’t even have to do anything special. Top DPS while chatting on the phone about my ex-boyfriend and avoiding the whatever spell that whatever boss sends at us and what-not….that should not be happening. lol I mean, I’m sure it’s still fun or whatever, but…it certainly wasn’t like what it should’ve been. It was our first time for those three bosses. We one-shotted Gorefiend…wtf. It was child’s play.

    Don’t worry, you and I aren’t scrubs. We’re just…late bloomer? Right? lol ❀ u


  3. I sympathize with you. We had just downed Gorefiend before the end of summer hit and half our raiders (including me) had to go back to school. It felt so much more satisfying when we worked weeks and weeks just to down a boss. I ran Zul’Aman the other day and for the first time made any timer and even went straight for Zul’jin. It was refreshing but felt odd because there was very little effort needed.

  4. Oh for the love of the Earth Mother, I don’t consider you guys scrubs! Argggggg… A scrub is an unguilded, total casual noob that trolls the trade channel and replies to pug BT runs with “I’m DPS!” then dies within the first 30 seconds of the pull, and STILL reaps the benefits. They are parasites of the rest of the raid.

    And you both are as much late bloomers as I was when Rilgon was doing AQ40 and Naxx pre-BC. Is there a more PC term to call someone that is as much dedicated to raiding as any hard core gamer, but just started late?

  5. Yeah, it’s called Noob. Or nub I think. Or was it nubcake? Or Noobmaster? Something like that…

  6. Oh for the love of the Earth Mother, I don’t consider you guys scrubs!

    You, my dear, are not the person I was referring to.

  7. I know who!! I KNOW WHO!!!

  8. “o rly?” said the space squid covered in feathers in an attempt to look like an owl.

    No one knew why the squid tried to look like an owl, but he did.

  9. Your mother’s a space squid.

  10. I have a space squid on a stick.


  11. You impaled your mother?! Jesus man, you’re a monster!

  12. Oh… well, don’t I feel sheepish…

    I like to pretend that person doesn’t exist, so perhaps that’s why I felt the guilty party.

  13. Hah, I wish I could, but he gets brought up (sadly) in every MM discussion for some inane reason, even though he was one of the cardinal BM sycophants in BC.

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