Old School

Last night, for fun, my guild ran MC. I’d never been to MC before – it was certainly interesting. Everyone was being all nostalgic, saying this and that about how it was back in the day and blah blah…of course, I’m sitting there like – oh yeah? Cool. Nothing worse than people talking about old times when you weren’t there. Nothing better than talking about old times when you WERE there. So I’ll give them that. It was still pretty fun, and Ragnaros was fuckin’ sweet looking.

Not much going on in the world of marksman hunterdom. A few fun times in battlegrounds this weekend, I’ll post those pictures later tonight if I get the chance. I’m finding myself a lot more useful now than I ever was before, and can even hold my own against rogues for a while. My new keybindings are turning out to be incredibly useful and I feel myself becoming a more skilled player already. It just takes time to remember what the fuck you bound something to. And not accidentally hitting the wrong key…that sucks. Steady shot is right next to disengage for me. Whoops.

Anything exciting going on in the world of WoW bloggers? I think we’re all just in limbo for the xpac. It’s so close…..so close…..


~ by Kelly Jennelle on November 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Old School”

  1. You would’ve hated me, then, last night – I got to go see Nefarian in BWL, and I was a veritable basket of “oh man, this was so much harder at 60”, “oh man, remember when this happened pre-bc?”, “oh man, remember how to position him, oh wait, he’s dead”. 😛

  2. Same stuff I was hearing when I ran AQ40 last week.

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