Thrall, My Love

So yesterday they had that big event thing in Orgrimmar. Well, they probably had it in Stormwind in one way or another, too, but – in Org, the Valley of Honor, everyone was there. Okay, not everyone (where was Vol’jin??) but Thrall, Putriss, Sylvanas, Garrosh, (not Cairne?) and the fight between Thrall and Garrosh was SICK! There were like 50 of us there watching back and forth, and Thrall’s lightning thingamajig was sooo kickass. Anyway, everyone thinks Thrall loses…………..psh. Where’s your faith, people?! Anyway, he LOOKS like he loses, but then BAM! Frost wyrms and aboms are all rampaging and shit and everything turns to ice and…well, it was cool. =D I wish Blizzard did these kinds of things periodically, not just before an expansion – this shit should happen all the time, the story should progress a little, throw some twists in. I loved this stuff! So cool! And before you get all “Thrall DOES lose” on my ass, I’d like to toss a little hate your way, you disloyal pieces of dog-loving trash. ❤

Have I mentioned I LOVE this shit?????? DO IT MORE OFTEN!!


~ by Kelly Jennelle on November 11, 2008.

One Response to “Thrall, My Love”

  1. I LOVE watching lore. I had to do the whole Bring-Thrall-To-Nagrand quest line

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