My First Thoughts on Wrath – the Good with the Bad

Well…it’s here. We waited, and finally it came. And by waited, I mean I stood in the midnight line at BestBuy since 9:00 talking to everyone next to me about the game and generally being geeky all around. I even wore a headband with Nassira <Explicit> over my head. It rocked.

So I brought home my collector’s edition (I was third in line, baby), installed it (with ease actually), and hopped onto my realm, which surprisingly was not lagged in the slightest. The first thing I did was run to Booty Bay to claim my special in-game reward from the cards that came with the CE. Pet bisquits. So not worth it. =(

Then I hopped the Zep over to the Howling Fjord. The first thing I thought after getting off was, “Woah.” What an eye-pleaser! It was like it was straight out of a fantasy painting. Every color, every texture – a perfect blend, amazing transitions…truly masterful. I’ve always been a fan of the Blizzard graphics, but these aren’t just graphics. This is a three-dimensional painting. This is real artwork. I can’t wait to get my flying mount back just so I can look around and take screenshots. And the music in HF is perfect, as well. It has a rough Celtic feel to it, it’s gentle, homely, but at the same time, mysterious. Exactly like the zone.

Now, after the shock of beauty I sobered up a little and picked up my first few quests and my new profession skills. But then I realized that I didn’t want to spend any more money on JC. Fuck JC. Engi has some really cool stuff now, so I decided to focus on that and pick up mining to supplement. Anyway, I started running around, finishing quests. At one point, I was in the water killing crabs (we can breathe for longer now, I swear) and a fucking hammerhead shark just appeared out of nowhere and started chomping on my face. It was the coolest thing ever. Seriously.

After a few quests, and after moving on to the next two towns finishing quests there, I realized something – the quests were really fun! Who would’ve thought? Fun questing. I’ve always hated questing, but these quests are tolerable. There’s a lot more interaction involved, instead of just kill, loot, kill, loot. I was starting to really enjoy myself – pleasant music, beautiful landscape, nifty quests…I could handle this to 80 no problem. But then…

I ran some instances. And by some, I mean almost every pre-80 instance there is. At level 71. Whaaa…??? Yeah. No strats, no planning. Started with Utgarde, managed all the way to Violet Hold and probably could continue up. I’m hitting red mobs, level 77 elites, and maintaining more than decent DPS. Can we say EASY!?!? This is NOT a good thing. I am so worried. There have been guilds that have already gotten to 80 and completed every heroic instance without a hitch. Now, I know I’m epiced out, but I’m not even in full T6. This just isn’t right. If the upcoming 25-mans are easy, I will be a very sad panda. I really hope they haven’t made WoW the “every-man’s game”. I know they’re going that way with everything else, but with raiding?? They’d better not, or I will have to slap a bitch.

On another note, my gorilla is the best thing to ever happen to me. I’m in love. Oh, and sorry I disappeared for a while – I holed myself up to level mining as quickly as possible before heading back to Northrend. That, and I’ve actually been working at work. o.O

Much <3,



~ by Kelly Jennelle on November 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “My First Thoughts on Wrath – the Good with the Bad”

  1. haha People level by having a person killing and doing alot of quest but have a offhealer not in the group so the dps gets all the exp to get to lvl 80 first. Imma JC to but im prob gonna keep it
    because at lvl 80 there is prob alot of people getting gems and needing them cutted so thats more money for me imo :] my bro is alrdy lvl 79 and like got it 5 days after it came out he been questing 24/7 also. its kind of lame because im lvl 71 xD

  2. =) Yeah, I like to take my time and get a good look at things. My guild has set a “deadline” for 80 so we can start raiding, but it’s decent enough and I should be able to go leisurely and enjoy myself.

  3. I’m loving my Gorilla right now too. 🙂

    I also agree about the music… I know most people play with music turned off, but I say that everyone should at least give each zone and instance a few minutes of listening! It’s amazing what they’ve done.

    The music and the look of Northrend really makes you realize that Blizzard really is a company of artists.

    I’ve heard that some guilds have already finished all of the raid instances. This makes me sad. And it is why I am all for attunements and keying, at least for the first while of the game. Keeps people from rushing through and then getting bored quickly, and it also helps to develop the story!

  4. We can totally breathe longer now. I noticed that immediately.

  5. Engi has some really cool stuff now

    Since when? I’m at 426 and I see no reason to keep it other than the 500+ gold I spent for my Bombling.

    Why on EARTH would you drop Jewelcrafting for Engineering of all things?

  6. I didn’t. =) I dropped JC for mining. Now I’ll make more money more often AND get to have fun with Engi.

    Have you seen all teh new stuff? It’s awesome. That pocket knife rocks for a hunter (raid wipe protection ftw), the cloak is awesome, the boots, the belt enchants…it’s nifty.

  7. I’m a 430 Goblin Engineer, hun. There is nothing in the entire toolbox of Engineering toys to justify having the profession over JC, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, or Alchemy. Nothing.

  8. Justify?? It’s a game! I do what I want. And I think Engi is fun, no matter how useless it may be by comparison.

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