Nass’ Year of Bad Luck

Earlier, I posted about someone stealing my car. Here’s what happened leading up to that –

Step 1 : Move into an expensive apartment with my boyfriend of 2 years.

Step 2 : Find out he’s a lying piece of filth and break up with said boyfriend of 2 years.

Step 3 : Find out three days before rent is due that said lying piece of filth “misunderstood” me and wouldn’t be paying his half.

Step 4 : Scrape together whatever money was leftover after finally repaying my parents for my car and make rent payments.

Step 5 : Have car get stolen in the 4 small hours I was actually asleep that night.

Step 6 : Uncomfortable metro trips for weeks with no word of stolen car.

Step 7 : Finally get paid by insurance…one day before they found my stolen car.

Step 8 : Buy new car because insurance now owns old one.

Step 9 : Get into a car accident that by definition was “my fault” and realize that collision insurance “did not come with the Geico package”.

Step 10 : Swallow all pride, call father, schedule a time for the car to get looked at.

And today is that day, ladies and gentlemen. Today I will find out what will make or break me. Will I have to borrow from my father, something I vowed never to do ever since I left home? Or will I decide I’d rather starve for weeks, sell myself on the streets, and *shudder* stop playing WoW until I can pay it myself? Or…knock on wood…will the car be unsalvageable? This year…has really sucked balls.

Oh, and I’m almost level 74 now. Yay me.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on November 24, 2008.

3 Responses to “Nass’ Year of Bad Luck”

  1. /comfort love

    Wish I could do more besides the stereotypical RL > WoW 😦

  2. Keep your chin up and hope for the best dear

  3. ❤ It’s all good.

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