Car Totaled – Nassira Down – Call an Ambulance

Yeah. It’s dead. I can sell it for parts, but that’ll just give me a few hundred. I would really like a hug and a large Porterhouse steak.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on November 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Car Totaled – Nassira Down – Call an Ambulance”

  1. /hug

    Can’t really help you with the steak… >.<

  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. /hug
    Life enexplicably tests us sometimes at the worst possible damn time. Maybe makes us stronger? Maybe just a cruel joke? Maybe just a random ganking? Keep getting out of bed every morning and muster a smile and try to deal with just one mob at a time and before long you’ll hear a ding and your current problems will be a memory.

    /feed porterhouse

  4. /hug

    I could help you with the steak if you were in Dallas. >_>;

  5. /hug
    Love your blog, if you are ever in scotland I will treat you to that steak

  6. Hehe Thanks, guys. I’m feeling much better, and I didn’t get steak but I did get stuft crust pizza, which was almost as good.

  7. Hope things start working out better for ya. You know what they say… bad things come in… tens? Yeah, you are about due for some steak, I’d say!

  8. Aww… sorry to hear that =(

  9. I Cant help you with the steak, so sorry to here that

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