Ninja-Raids and Their Adverse Effect on my Testing Plans

So I ran a few heroics over the weekend, and Sunday, just as I said “No guys, this is my last heroic because I want to run some DPS tests” Jailer says, “WHISPER ME FOR 10-MAN Vault of Archavon!”

Why can’t I refuse non-required raid invites? I think it’s a disease. So we went, it took all of 20 minutes, and guess what dropped?

Please note our group makeup.

Please note our group makeup.


And then, since it didn’t take long, “Stay in the raid for 10-man Naxx”. Dammit…Needless to say I didn’t get the testing done that I wanted. However, I have three shitty examples of current DPS in Naxx with my current spec, which is with a cat who has Using these specs, I also have been using Aimed Shot whenever it’s available, and I used Arcane with the others while kiting Globbulus for lack of other instant shots.

wowscrnshot_120708_181242 wowscrnshot_120708_192901 wowscrnshot_120708_225855

These last two screenshots of damage are from the ENTIRE raid, which means it’s including trash and it’s accumulative. Also keep in mind that we had many attempts on Globbulus, some of which I died at innopportune times. These are in no way meant to prove anything besides the fact that even in crappy gear, you can keep up with the meters if you do it right. Also, after taking a look at my gear and spec, you can see an approximation of damage output with a Serpent/Chimera/Aimed/Steady rotation during a raid. Now the challenge will be to compare this output with outputs from other specs. This week we will once again be updating WWS, so those will follow with raids from Mon-Weds. I’ll also show pie graphs from my Recount. If any gear changes, I’ll mention that as well.

We have officially added one more mandatory raid night, which is both good and bad (very bad for me). This means that everything I want to do, in game and out, will be harder to accomplish. If only I could get paid to play. That would be the life. Not that anyone would pay a scrub like me, but a girl can dream.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 8, 2008.

One Response to “Ninja-Raids and Their Adverse Effect on my Testing Plans”

  1. I had 2500 on Patchwerk yesterday ^^;

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