Not So Fail

I only got to hit one boss with the raid last night. We went to Gluth (who’s actually kinda cute for a zombie dog) and struggled a little with the zombies. At first we had our pally healer try to kite them around…that didn’t go so well. Then we asked the DK to kite. It went a little better, but he kept getting dazed after his slowing effects wore off, so I threw a few traps down in between DPSing and tranqing, but our locations never seemed to mesh. Finally, I devoted myself to assisting him with the zombies and our kickass teamwork did the trick. He took the majority while I rounded up the stragglers, and just as his…whatever-the-hell-spell wore off, I’d place my trap. So we got Gluth down, some crap that I can’t wear dropped, and then I was swapped for another guildie DPS (we do rotations for 10-man). So now we’re 13/15 in Naxx. Oh and 5 people have the Bronze Drake….including me! Yeah, I got it last night. =D By default, because my rolls all week have been terribly unlucky and everyone else in our group had already gotten one.



 I also got my Engineering to 440, so I’m sporting my new [Truesight Ice Blinders] which, although not all that wonderful, are a definite upgrade from my uncommon piece. I’m also 25% away from exhalted with the Ebon Blade. Definitely excited about that. And then after I did my engineering and got my new gems and all that crap, I had just a little bit of time to finish up my exploration achievements, so now I’m Nassira the Explorer. =)

All in all, a pretty good night.

Tonight will be a full night of raiding, and I’m going to be setting up WWS. Hopefully that will shed some light on how I can improve my damage output. For now, though, my only option is theory crafting. I’m going to work on a little spreadsheet today to begin tests on Aimed Shot, since most of you want to know about that first. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to hit the dummies by the end of this week.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Not So Fail”

  1. I swear to god, why will no one I know help me with that.

    Only “rare” mount I’ve ever wanted and no one will lend me a hand. /wrists

  2. My guild is cool like that. =) Also, it’s good publicity. ^_^

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