Very Important Info – Blue Post

Yeah. We saw it coming, but I never imagined this much.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Very Important Info – Blue Post”

  1. *laughs squarely in the face of every single person that ever told me not to use Aimed*

  2. I’m not laughing – less damage on our most used shot kinda sucks…

    Some other stuff is great, like the KS cooldown and the BM nerfs, but why did they attack SS? I could see bringing Volley down a notch, but that will definitely bring my overall DPS down quite a bit, and to be on par with our similarly geared DK, I have to keep the DPS I have now. It’s a struggle as is. = / Times they are a’changin.

  3. They attacked SS because it is the common denominator in all Hunter specs.

    They did it a bit hard, IMO, but it was realistically the only way to bring all three specs in line at once.

  4. Yeah…but MM hunters were on par with Mages and Locks from what I’ve read, especially on stand-and-blast fights like Patchwork. Now we’ll be below…although standardizing all MM hunters is like saying that every kid with a rich family is wealthy. If they averaged some hunters I know with the better ones, that average would get knocked on its ass. I’d say a median would be more appropriate for comparison.

  5. You’re assuming Blizzard uses sensible metrics for comparison and analysis.

  6. Actually I thought they just picked numbers at random and shook them all up in a hat for drawing…

    Dartboard of classes?

    Something like that.

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