More Theory on Aimed vs. Arcane

ratioPlease look at the chart here. The ratio of Aimed to Arcane is 3 : 5. This means that for every three Aimed Shots fired, I could fire 5 Arcane.

Included in this chart are some calculations based on input gathered from the tests run yesterday. Because those tests were short, it is possible that the damage recorded could be slightly higher or slightly lower for each shot. I’d like to be totally certain of the superiority of Arcane to Aimed, so I’ve also shown equations in which Arcane does less average damage than Aimed (which is not what my collected data has shown thus far). Even if the damage of Aimed were swapped with the damage of Arcane, Arcane does significantly more damage during a 10-minute period.

Questions, concerns, comments, please.

❤ Nass

Edit : Also, please do not think that yesterday’s post was intended to prove superiority of one spec over another. Yesterday’s post was ONLY to compare Aimed Shot/Barrage with Arcane Shot/Imp Arcane. Anything about specs is simply theory at this point, and I’ll be testing it in-depth later.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 11, 2008.

12 Responses to “More Theory on Aimed vs. Arcane”

  1. @4120 RAP (my RAP), with a Nesingwary 4000:

    Arcane XI = [RAP * 0.15 + 492]
    4120 * .15 + 492
    1110 * 1.05 (RWS) * 1.15 (IAS)

    Aimed IX = Weapon Damage + 408
    [254-472 + (4120 / 14 * 2.8) + (67.5 * 2.8)] + 408
    [254-472 + 824 + 189] + 408
    1675-1893 * 1.05 (RWS) * 1.12 (Barrage)

    So yeah, Arcane is like… 300 damage below my worst Aimed Shot, with consummate talents. Plus Arcane does not benefit from Marked for Death, meaning Aimed has higher topend crits.

  2. You are forgetting armor mitigation as well as frequency of shots. You can argue with mathematics all you want, but I urge you to actually test it as I’ve done. 3 : 5 is a pretty significant ratio.

  3. Also, do the math – 100 Arcane shots @ 1340 = 134,000

    60 Aimed Shots @ 1969 = 118,140

    60 Aimed Shots @ 2226 = 133,560

  4. Add the fact that Arcane will net you more shots that crit, and Arcane is STILL superior, even with your higher AP.

  5. Aimed, however, crits harder, due to Marked for Death.

    Arcane is also subject to resists. I see a lot of resists on my Chimeras, trust me.

    *shrug* Do as you wish, and with my blessing, but I never found Arc/Chim to out-DPS Aimed/Chim.

  6. If Arcane crits 26 times and Aimed crits 15 (as in the chart), the difference is 11. Within those 11 extra crits of Arcane lies enough damage to keep up with or even overcome the bonus damage that Aimed receives. No matter how you look at it, Arcane will do more damage in the same amount of time.

    Arcane can be resisted – Aimed is always mitigated. Less damage on all shots vs. no damage on some…in most cases, Arcane is still superior.

    However, if you claim to really have used both equally and found that Aimed works better for you, that’s great. It’s a mystery to me, but I won’t tell anyone how to play. I’ve raised my DPS by 200-300 just by changing rotation to Arcane, so I’ll keep doing it until I find something better.

  7. […] Shot’s in 3.0.8. This essentially closed the discussion between fellow Marksmanship hunters Nassira and Rilgon on whether using Arcane or Aimed (or both) is more […]

  8. I must admit that I am not seeing this when I go to a training dummy. Long number sequences confuse me (dyscalcula \m/) but my last test in my AIMED SHOT BUILD (I realise this is important) put me at about 1450 dps with rpocs and buffs off (excluding ISS). When I used Arcane however, this dropped to a staggering 1000.

    Now, obviously IAS increases its damage by more than Barrage increases Aimed, but the extra 3% from IAS would not cover the 400 dps loss would it?

    OK, while I was typing this, I just battered the Training Dummy again and found that it was my method that had brought the madness.

    Instead of doing SerpS – CS – SS – SS – AS – CS I simply watched CDs and when that shit was up that shit was fired. I’m guessing this is what you assumed all along and we no longer rotate as much as CD watch now?

    I really need to stop commenting on posts made by the big boys >.<

    • lol ❤ I love the fact that you tested it, it’s what I’m all about. Just gotta do it from all angles….

      That’s what she said….

      Wait, that’s what I say….

  9. Rilgon is correct. I spattered some comments about Rilgon’s posts on other sites and on his own… but all in all he seem’s to have a decent grasp on his class/ spec, and I applaud him and his blog. However, Nassira, your argument on Aimed vs Arcane is completely off. You cannot argue which shot is better due to how many of each you can get off in a certain period… because their individual CD’s do not matter, you are chaining steadies in between. Unless all you are doing is firing an arcane and then waiting for the arcane CD, which based from your dps in your WWS log could be the case. However like I said on my reply on your previous post… you do sound cute.

  10. … oh and I also feel bad that you put so much effort into making that pretty chart of yours and spent so much time trying to figure this all out but did so forgetting some obvious and important facts.

  11. Dear Perzyx,

    You missed the part where, after a bit more math and testing, Rilgon aceded and has been using Arcane (and doing more damage) ever since.

    You are so bright! There ARE steady shots in between. There are also Chimera shots! You’re catching on very quickly. Now go run the tests for yourself and notice the difference in your full rotation.

    If you think to insult me by raiding my WWS, you’ll have to try a bit harder. If you believe that WWS is the end-all be-all of viewing performance, you have a lot to learn.

    On another note, don’t waste your sweet elite time mourning my own. You can spend that time elsewhere and I won’t mind. =) I made the chart for myself, and it helped me to visualize things. If it does nothing for you, I could care less. You clearly don’t grasp the purpose of a blog.

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