I Live! And DPS!

Hello again. It’s been a while. There is much to tell and little time to tell it. I haven’t been home in days, and I generally post on this site at work (don’t judge me), so sorry for disappearing. I hope everyone had a decent amount of time off for WoWing! I know I did. Even passed the 400g marker that I haven’t passed since Wrath came out…but then I spent it on Frost resist. Lame.

In case you’ve all been dying to know, I’ve been improving my gear bit by bit, which has in turn improved my DPS bit by glorious bit. I’ve been horribly unlucky, but that doesn’t mean I can’t run things millions of times and buy shit with badges! Finally got my T7 chest (after buying the necklace and trinket first, don’t ask me why). I’m still down on enchants and I have worthless fill-the-slot gems, but I feel so refreshed finally wearing a majority of purple. Here’s what I look like – http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Shandris&n=Nassira

Try not to laugh…I’m still working on it.

Here’s a little WWS from last night – I finally beat that damn DK (only overall, and on one boss, but hey, I’ll take it, and I ❀ you Tulmok), but our mage has amped his damage, too, so the competition is ON, Baby! This is the best part of raiding, in my opinion. Friendly competition keeps me going and keeps things fun. And then of course, one of us will whine and say, “Well that wasn’t a good fight, there was kiting/running/breakdancing” but Tulmok and I both decided that Red just plain cheats. =P

That beautiful helm dropped last night, but I secretly passed to the other hunter since she hadn’t been getting much Naxx gear. It’s getting tougher for us, competing with DKs and pallies and the like for a lot of gear. I’ve seen so many pieces pass me by that would normally have gone to one of us. Not that I mind too much, whatever helps the guild helps the guild…but I can dream. And cry, I can definitely cry.

I hope all of you have been having great experiences with your new hunter mechanics – I know I’ve been loving every minute of MM. Not only is it much more exciting now, but it’s doing great damage, and as always, the ranged physical aspect is always desirable in groups. Maybe not that useless Freezing Arrow, but everything else about you is so sexy. πŸ˜‰ Shake your groove thing, hunters. And don’t fret about the nerfs – if you’re focused enough, you’ll find a way to finagle yourself some extra DPS. Everyone says work smarter, not harder – I say do both and end up on top.

I’ve got some screenshots and numbers for you, hopefully by the end of this week. I also plan on running some spec-on-spec action to find my two major spec choices. Anything you’d like to see, just let me know.

❀ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 29, 2008.

12 Responses to “I Live! And DPS!”

  1. Finally got my T7 chest

    Dear god, why? There’s three blue options from Heroics that’s better than that piece of junk, as well as an epic from Heigan. Yuck.

  2. Cuz I’d rather have something than nothing…hence the “I’ve been terribly unlucky…”

  3. Oh, dur. πŸ˜›

    Well, one of the options is BoE, so no excuse!

  4. http://www.wowhead.com/?compare=37800;39579

    That one? Yeah…I got rid of it for T7.

  5. hows your rotation?

    • Currently, there is no solid rotation for me – dependant on latency and cooldowns, I use a “shot priority” which is generally Serpent (of course, only needing it once), Chimera, Arcane, Steady. Chimera and Arcane I simply fire when available, which is often without pattern because of the differing cooldowns and the changes in haste throughout a fight (i.e. Bloodlust, trinkets, Rapid Fire). Because we no longer rely on timed rotations for Auto Shot, it’s inefficient to stick to a straight rotation routine, and unnecessary to do so during fights where there is movement (which is pretty much every fight in WotLK except Patchwerk, who is absolutely no challenge for any ranged DPS). You can check out the patterns in my WWS if you’re interested, but it probably won’t show you too much. Basically, I just make spur of the moment decisions (which is totally exciting!).

  6. Yep, and that’s what I’ve been doing myself as well (though I blame you for making me do the hard math to see that it was better).

  7. lol Yeah math blows, don’t it? I always failed…funny I’d need it for my own hobby. Okay, it’s not funny, it’s ironic and sad. It takes me FOREVER just for one equation, and then I mull over it for hours….*sigh*

  8. Nah, I love doing math. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a Hunter, I’d be an easy class like a Warlock or Mage. πŸ˜›

    • Perfect! You can double-check mine then. Meh, I secretly like the challenge. BUT I HATE IT! But I love it. BUT I HATE IT!

      You can see why I have troubles dating.

  9. I know what you mean about being in happy in purple. I am so depressed that my blue cloak is so much better than the Naxx purple that dropped. I am secretly hoping the purple one gets buffed or the purple one get nerfed in 3.0.8.

    • =( Yeah, one day I’ll replace this damn blue ring and it’ll actually be an upgrade. I just hate seeing that horrible color…

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