Dreaming Big

As you all know, the three points most of us are putting toward hit rating with Focused Aim only increases our own percentage and not our pets’. Normally, as an MM hunter, I’d say – meh – Eidan is great and all, but he’s not doing much damage anyway. What’s the big deal? Well, after looking at my WWS and seeing that he was missing over 10% of all his hits, I got a little freaked out. As of now, Eidan’s doing about 450 DPS. If he landed those extra 10%, there would be a significant increase. However, this increase isn’t enough to warrant sacrificing a ton of AP or crit or pretty much any other stat for that matter. Luckily for us, we don’t have to. I have no idea why so many hunters are complaining about a lack of +Hit in gear, because I’ve found a HUGE amount to be readily available without sacrificing too much. In fact, a lot of the higher end gear has Hit plastered all over it. Imagine – your pet hits all the time, you hit all the time, and YOU HAVE THREE EXTRA TALENT POINTS! That’s huge. So – below is a big list of gear, most of it with chunks of hit. If I were to get all this gear, I’d be set until EoE and beyond. Everything on this list is available pre-EoE. Remember : the reason this list exists is to cap that ugly hit rating. Once you hit it with any variation, you can grab whatever upgrades you want. But please stop whining about lack of +Hit in gear. There’s +Hit in abundance, I promise.

Desireable gear pre-EoE :


Shoulders, better than T7, drops from Instructor Razuvious



Leggings, better than T7, drops from Gothik the Harvester



T7 Heroic Chestpiece, drops from the Four Horsemen



Gloves, better than T7, drop from Patchwerk



Helm, better than T7, drops from Sartharion (OS)



Bracers, 60 Emblems of Valor



Boots, drop from Sapphiron



Ranged weapon, drops from Kel’Thuzad



After patch, this is a great weapon until Betrayer of Humanity



Necklace, random Naxx drop



+Hit Trinket, random Naxx drop



AP Trinket, drops from Sapphiron



Ring, 25 Emblems of Valor

I also have that kickass Sovereign’s Belt, which has a chunk of +Hit. I’ll be keeping that for a while, I’d imagine. Now to find ways to hax and get all this to drop for me…  >.>

The following picture is all of the above gear plus a few choice pieces, optional gems to increase hit, etc. – any way you look at it, you can be Hit capped without sacrifice. Swap out the trinket for crit or more AP, change your gems to gain AP or Int, or find upgrades to the armor by using the trinket or the gems and removing one or two pieces for better stats all around. Keep in mind though that most of these +Hit pieces are actually top-end anyway and you won’t find much better.

Gear List


~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 30, 2008.

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