In response to Rilgon’s latest post, I thought I’d add my own words after thinking long on it. “Are we that rare?” he asks. As long as I have been playing this game (which, although not from release, has been quite a long time in game standards), I’ve noticed cliques and personality types that are associated with classes, specs, and races. This is what happens when humans from all walks of life are thrown together in a giant anonymous virtual world. No matter our ages or races or religions in real life, we are all still just people with a personality and a passion. Stereotypes exist in this world for a reason; majority rules. Statistics, however unfair they may be, show where the majority lies.

There are all kinds of people in this world, but unfortunately, Sesame Street was wrong in telling us we are all quite unique. Sure, maybe I have a mole somewhere no one else I know has one. But that’s not being unique. No one, not even the certifiably insane, is unique. Existing throughout the natural world are patterns and systems of equilibrium, one thing to balance another, a set of pre-determined guidelines to follow. The same is true for all things natural, including humans.

For every aggressive, hot-headed woman, there’s a girl in the corner with downcast lashes. We are animals, ruled by emotion and instinct, driven by hunger and fear. What we hunger for or what we fear does not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Knowing this, it is easy to see the patterns in WoW players. There are those who are aggressive and competitive, who yearn for power and fear being weak. There are those who desire joy and laughter and fear boredom and monotony. There are those who want nothing more than to be accepted by a group of people, and who fear being cast from that group. And there are those who desire to learn, who fear ignorance. There are those folks who, seeing a challenge, would rise to it; there are also those who would turn and find the easier path to their goal.

In WoW, as in this world, there is no right or wrong in these passions or these fears. There is only our own individual failure to see or understand another’s desires, and our own instinct to fear and dislike that which is different. It is only natural to find the opposite personality of yourself and misunderstand it, dislike it, or even insult it. It is also natural to feel intrigued, or even humbled by another’s seemingly odd pursuit.

The key to an enjoyable experience, in life as in WoW, is respect.

You do not have to understand every ounce of an idea to respect it. You do not have to know a person in depth to respect them. You do not have to love yourself to respect yourself. All you have to do is realize the differences and accept that they exist. You can despise an idea and still show it respect. The minute this respect is lost, conversation goes from informative and engaging to indecent and insulting.

I cannot speak for everyone, but when I receive derogatory comments of any sort, my mind decides the conversation is not worth my time. Not because I’m angry or bullheaded, but because without respect, there is no knowledge. Those who disrespect me do not keep mine.

However, this is not right of me. Regardless of how one shows their passion, that passion must still be respected. Therefore, I apologize for my lack of respect for those of you who have disrespected me. I have said many things, some in passing, some as entire rants – little insults or quips or tirades – that have been disrespectful. For those things, I want to apologize. It was not right of me, and I will be more conscious from now on of my emotional outbursts.

I do not wish to be on one side or the other of some unintelligible war. I am one of those souls bound to desire knowledge and thirst for personal improvement, the one that wants to test ideas and discover new ones. I also have a desire to excel in what I put effort into. But I refuse to be one of those people who, regardless of others, shoves her own beliefs and desires in the faces of others and claims righteousness.

If you wish to read this blog, to discuss its contents logically and respectfully and to give insight or advice, please continue to do so. If you wish to berate me for my attempts at following my own passions, it is your choice. Just remember that even in anonymity, we are all human beings. And all human beings desire acceptance from others, as well as appreciation for what we do, and of course, that ever-important thing called Respect.

Much love,



~ by Kelly Jennelle on December 31, 2008.

5 Responses to “Respect”

  1. Awesome rant!!! All hot-headed Sesame-Street-watching mysterious-mole women (and men) get my respect. I do think you need to love AND respect yourself, though. When you do, respect from others is more likely (IMO), and disrespect from others is easier to laugh off.

    Happy New Year and thanks for putting yourself out there.

  2. Hahaha ❤ you too. =)

  3. My mom used to say, “We are born unique, we have to earn special.”

    I would disagree that we aren’t unique… We are all unique which makes uniqueness unimportart. Being unique is no accomplishment because it was provided at birth. What matters is if you can take that uniqueness and make it special.. That’s all on you.

  4. Forgot to mention that I totally agree with you on the respect thing… As Ali G would say “Much Respect Nassira, much respect.”

  5. You only think we’re unique because you hope it’s true. =P Naturally, there are only so many variations. And I don’t believe in “special”. And I’m sure I’m not unique in my belief.

    BUT – at least we respect each other’s beliefs.

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