Wild Quiver vs. Piercing Shots : Results

Next on the list of tests was the effectiveness of both Wild Quiver and Piercing Shots. Using this spec and swapping the three in Wild Quiver over to Piercing Shots (testing each), I came up with results I was not at all expecting. What were the results? They maintain pretty much the exact same amount of DPS. Eh? Yeah. Click the links to see all the dirty details.

Wild Quiver Results:

Length of Fight – 351 seconds
Nassira DPS – 1443.9
Eidan DPS – 321.8
Combined DPS – 1765.7

Piercing Shots Results:

Length of Fight – 347 seconds
Nassira DPS – 1458
Eidan DPS – 317.3
Combined DPS – 1775.3

What Happened During the Fights (proccing trinket was removed):

D’Hawk phase x4
Viper phase x3
Used Steady Shots during AotV
Serpent, Chimera, Arcane, Steady during AotDH
Waited until there was not enough mana for any shots before switching to Viper, waited for 100% mana to switch to D’Hawk
Ended combat when no mana was left in the fourth round of D’Hawk

Things to consider : WQ is purely Nature damage, which means bosses with +Nature resist will make your WQ ineffective. However, extra shots means extra crits, which in turn helps your pet gain more focus. But because WQ fires so few times, the increase is extremely minimal, if not nearly unnoticeable.

Piercing Shots only counts toward your Steady Shot and Aimed Shot. In a fight with lots of movement, steadies won’t be cast as often, making PS ineffective. Also, scaling of armor on bosses will be a factor, since it is now a % armor penetration instead of the old system.

What about Aimed Shot? Well, we know how I feel about Aimed Shot, but I knew you’d want to know, just to be absolutely sure. Using Aimed in rotation instead of Arcane yeiled these results :

Piercing Shots, Aimed Rotation:

Length of Fight – 358 seconds
Nassira DPS – 1393.5
Eidan DPS – 312
Combined DPS – 1705.5

I’d say 70 DPS is significant enough to refrain from using Aimed Shot, even with Barrage and Piercing Shots. Just stop trying. Seriously. Or at least run the tests yourself and see the difference. You’re not hurting anyone but yourself by using it. Not to say I don’t think you should talent into it for other purposes, but you will see damage increase with Arcane, I promise you.


So what do we do? We have three points, so where do we put them? Well, until I test how much DPS it actually gives you to have those three points in one of those two talents, I’m simply not sure. For now, I’ll be keeping my points in Piercing Shots, because that was the last thing I specced and I AM SO BROKE RIGHT NOW! However, I do think that on longer fights, if your target has no Nature resist, Wild Quiver might give you 10-15 more DPS. Meh…I wish there was a clear decision. I also wish I were hit-capped so I could simply have both.

Questions, comments, etc. are always welcome. Even better, test it yourself!

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Wild Quiver vs. Piercing Shots : Results”

  1. Honestly, I don’t think either’s worth the points, but that’s just me. *shrug*

  2. Workin’ on that part next. Let’s see where the points are better off.

  3. Hi, was browsing for different MM specs and communities and found your awesome little site. Love the tests, they are a great insight to what different talents can do. I’ll definitely be frequenting your page regularly now. On top of the tests, your specs, so far have been the best I’ve seen so far. I’ll definitely be pulling some ideas.

    In reference to this blog, I would have to say both talents WQ and PS are not very good talents. Might I suggest maybe dumping those 3 points into the BM tree? I wonder if increasing your pets damage output would produce more overall dps than the 2 talents mentioned above.

  4. Hi,
    Just stumbled on your blog. Yay for finding another MM hunter.

    Can you talk a little about *not* taking Improved Hunter’s Mark? It seems like a 30% bonus to our AP (since we’re going to be casting HM on all targets for Marked for Death anyway) seems like a no-brainer, but it seems like *nobody* is taking it.

    • Hi Demeth and Kor,

      Actually, I was thinking exactly that – is Improved Hunter’s Mark going to show more damage than WQ or PS? I’ll be running those tests this weekend most likely. Thank you both for your comments. =) Check back soon for more tests.

      As far as those points in either WQ or PS, I highly doubt either one is spectacular, but the question is, is there anything at that level better to take? Any extra damage is extra damage. Never underestimate that 1% extra damage in a ten minute fight. But as I said, and I always say, you don’t know shit til you test it. I’m excited about testing Improved Hunter’s Mark.

      Thanks again, have fun hunting.

      ❤ Nass

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