An Awful Night

Last night was terrible. Messy, long, and inefficient. I hope it was just some nasty luck. I have my heart set on Kel’Thuzad this week.

I would very much like to test Efficiency to see how necessary it is. Right now, I have 3 points invested in it, and have not noticed a change during raid from my original mana consumption. If I could eliminate all five of those points and place them elsewhere without losing time in D’Hawk, it would be fantastic. I’m going to test a spec with no points in Efficiency soon. A few people have been avoiding Efficiency, and always I think, “Does that really work well for them?” Well then…why not try it?

On a lighter note, I believe my favorite fight from Naxx is Grobbulus. I’m sure people would call me crazy for it, but I really enjoy it. I’m also fond of the Horsemen. Call me a freak. But I love fights when I actually have to do something other than stand and shoot. No EZ Mode for me. I also noticed that when running without a DPS meter active, I actually had less fun. I really enjoy the friendly competition and striving to improve myself throughout the night. Without the drive, I felt myself slacking, and I couldn’t talk shit to Tulmok all night which made me a sad panda.

Next time, thoughts on Efficiency.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 8, 2009.

13 Responses to “An Awful Night”

  1. Keep you head up Nass! Everyone has a bad raid night every so often. Sometimes I wish I was in a raid guild. I have been in my guild for about 2 years now, all my friends are in there and I have loyalties to them. But they just dont do raids, its a pure social guild. We have a hardcore group of 5 of us that run heroics constantly. So, basically I have to pug all my raids:( I have done OS and VoA numerous times on both 10 and 25, but I can’t, for the life of me, get into a Naxx raid. It’s getting very frustrating. I put myself in LFG everynight and also occasionally spam LFG channel. It sucks, because I’ve kinda hit a wall gear wise. I can only get upgrades from Naxx now. I wonder why it’s so hard for me to get into a pug as a hunter. Do we really have that bad of a reputation? A lot of time there is like 4 or 5 hunters sitting in LFG. Thanks for letting me vent some of my frustrations 😀 btw my full name is Korixys, if u wanna look me up sometime. I’m alliance but all hunters are family right?

  2. =) Yeah, all hunters are family. I still ❤ Rilgon, even if he is fat and blue with worms on his face.

    I’m sorry you can’t find a Naxx pug! In fact, I’m sorry you have to pug at all – that can be so frustrating. Maybe you should find a raiding guild and keep your friend guild on your alts to hang out. And you can always still play with your buddies, but it’s harder to be non-guilded and try to raid than it is to be raiding and hang with friends. I’m sure they’d understand, and maybe a few will go with you.

    Unfortunately, hunters have a bad name. And generally with good reason. You’ll have to prove yourself before you can start getting invites. Making a name for yourself as a good hunter in your server is going to take time and effort, but once you do it, there’s going to be a few folks to vouch for you and you’ll get groups more often, I promise.

    Good luck! ❤ Nass

  3. Yeah, I thought I already had a good reputation. Thats how I did all my BC raiding. I was always getting invited to Kara, SSC, TK, BT etc etc. It seems that the raid guilds I had regularly ran with have forgotten about me lol. I know thats probably not the case. I’m thinking that they are still getting full runs within their guilds and cant squeeze me in yet.

    A couple of our friends in the guild actually did that. They left our guild in order to join a raiding guild. Most of us were kind of angry at them at first, then we got over it. But after they left, they just got more and more distant from everyone else. Now its to the point were we rarely do anything with them. So I really dont want to leave, and risk the possibility of my friendships dwindling away. I am just going to continue to be patient, I am sure that there will be spots opening up with the guilds I ran with in BC shortly. Thanks for your encouragement and support!! I’ll let you know when I finally get into Naxx 😀

  4. My problem with taking points out of efficiency is that I can’t figure out where else to put them! Improved Hunter’s Mark? After your testing, no… Improved Arcane Shot? Meh… Barrage? I don’t talent for clearing trash, thanks… Piercing Shots and Wild Quiver are out…

    And without taking at least 2/3 in either Improved Arcane Shot or IHM, I can’t get enough talent points in the tree to remove all of the points from Efficiency.

    So I stick 3/5 in Efficiency and go with it. I’m super curious to see what you do.

  5. I’ve already got Improved Arcane and Barrage (Volley isn’t just for trash =P How about them Zombies, Whelps, and Scarabs?). I’m thinking I’d probably put those points into Improved Tracking or toss them in WQ. I’m not sure exactly. We’ll see what happens. I have an odd spec right now, one that seems to be treating me well. I’m going to play with it some more.

  6. Pft, Spec BM.

  7. Ow Ow! OKOK, it was a joke, please take the stylus out of my eye!

    Focused Aim, Lethal Shots, Mortal Shots, Careful Aim, Rapid Killing, Go For The Throat, Aimed Shot, Improved Arcane, Improved Stings.

    You don’t even have to fill them all in order to bypass Efficiency. Have to gather my thoughts about raiding without Efficiency.

  8. Haha Yeah, Efficiency is easy to bypass technically, but usefully? That’s what I wanna know.

  9. What in the hell is your kitty munching on in the picture of him?

  10. The leg of one of my big blue foes…. >.>

  11. *gasp! Not a draenei leg?!!!

  12. Improved Arcane Shot? Meh…


    Oh you kids without any sense of clairvoyance.

  13. I kno, rite? =P

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