Sapphiron Down! Kel’Thuzad Shaking in his Boots

A rather successful night for <Explicit> last night as we downed Sapphiron in one swift shot.




Our attempts on Kel’Thuzad went quite well. We got him to 2% before it was time to hit our respective pillows. Tonight, we’ll get him.


On another note, last night I ran without any points in Efficiency. *GASP* How did it go? Pretty well, actually. I did notice a slight decrease in D’Hawk time, but probably only a few seconds’ worth, and I’ve decided that the extra talent points are worth it. Right now I’m running with this spec – but I think I will be testing it a bit more before I decide this is “the one”. In fact, I have a TON of testing before I decide that this is “the one”. Kel’Thuzad isn’t a good fight to run tests on, as it’s not very pet friendly and there are mana drains that make testing the lack of Efficiency pretty difficult. I think what I might do is shift a few points here and there. I can’t decide if five points in Improved Tracking is better or worse than five points in Unleashed Fury, especially with our T7 bonus, which I may end up having to keep for a while depending on drops. I did notice that because I was missing 0.3% hit, I missed over 14 shots, one of which was a Chimera. >.< But I have enough badges for those bracers now, and that should fix my hit problem.

Rants are done. I hope everyone’s January is going. And if you don’t like January, I hope it’s going quickly. =)

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 12, 2009.

7 Responses to “Sapphiron Down! Kel’Thuzad Shaking in his Boots”

  1. Grats on Sapphiron!
    I read you post’s all the time and have gathered a ton of info to improve my hunter. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but here goes:
    I’ve seen that Aimed shot is not worth to use on my shot rotation (arcane shot is better). Why do you have that point in aimed shot if you dont use it on your rotation? The only reason I could see would be on bosses that would heal themselves (50% less healing). Is there any other reason? Would this one point be used better on some other place?

    • Hi Obelixz!

      That’s a good question, and one I get asked frequently – If I don’t use Aimed regularly, why have it?? Firstly, it’s a free instant shot, and all instant shots are handy for kiting – one more burst on the run, which is handy in PvP as well as many PvE battles. Secondly, however much I’d like to, I can’t spec FULL raid with my pitiful WoWincome. I keep Aimed (and have been wanting Silencing back) because I still help guildies run 5-mans and the like, in which it can be handy to have those specialized shots. As much as I say I want to focus on increasing my Raid DPS, there is still a bit of flexibility you want to have, and one more point in whatever-talent won’t make or break a Raid spec’s damage. I hate to say it, but it’s not all about me. =*( Part of being a good raider/player/guildie is knowing that you must at times make sacrifices of your personal DPS for the good of the guild/group. I know we hunters aren’t used to it, but we should do what we can.
      Thanks so much for your question, and I hope you continue to stop by and ask more.
      ❤ Nass

  2. Wow grats! Good luck with Kel’Thuzzad!

  3. Thanks! ❤

  4. You downed the biggest challenge in the instance. KT will be down tonight. 😉

  5. Gratz on the kill.

    That spec is similar to what I would have suggested. Master Marksman, Rapid Recuperation, and Rapid Killing along with Aspect of the Viper make for really fast and dirt cheap mana regen. Viper Sting and Chimaera Shot also help with mana regen. I never raided with such a set up but solo and 5-mans was easy with no mana problems at all.

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