Raids Naked

Necked Like the Day We Was Born

Necked Like the Day We Was Born

Great screenshot, Wild! That clothing glitch sure has its good parts. >.>

The raid failed miserably due to constant disconnects and wicked lag. So I got drunk and dueled everybody outside Wyrmrest (and somehow got flagged and killed by guards occasionally) and then we decided to make friends with the local Alliance noobs. Getting naked and spamming him with /love and /applaud when he killed something made him feel like a winner, I’m sure. Amazing how poorly a hunter duels when she’s too lagged to kite….but hot damn, it was fun times! We should strip and duel EVERY Lagday. Sometimes we forget that this is a game, and there are infinite ways to enjoy it.

Got any fun screenshots? Guild escapades? Nakid piks (of your character…not you)?! Please, do share.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 14, 2009.

5 Responses to “Raids Naked”

  1. Don’t have any pics, but I thought I might share my favorite WoW moment with Everyone. I had just got done running a RL friend through SM (lvl 21 Gnome Warrior) and we thought we would have some fun with the hordies outside of Undercity. My little warrior friend flagged himself and started dancing on the road between Undercity and the zeppelin. I, of course, was hiding in the nearby trees. It didnt take to long for some lvl 50ish to be tempted to pwn a flagged low lvl. As soon as they started attacking him, I nuked the horde and they went splat. It was kind of fun, but thats not the funnest part.

    After about 10 minutes of this, of course other lvl 70’s started coming out and me and my little gnome friend died horribly. We were both chilling in our ghostly immunity watching the lvl 70 hordies dancing and stuff, waiting for us to respawn. I guess they got bored and started dueling each other. My little warrior went up to the duelers and waited… As soon as one lost the duel. He came back to life and one-shoted the lvl 70 that lost. This repeated for about 30 minutes. Even the hordies were laughing about it. I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt for a few days after. Hope you get a kick out of this too =)

    • =)

      Picking them off one by one is always satisfying. Note of worth – Horde can’t resist duels. They can’t. It’s in their nature. If dueling were allowed in dungeons, they’d be dueling during boss fights. We’re funny like that…

  2. Wow… Just wow, Nass.
    I enjoy stalking Horde from time to time, and see what they do.

  3. Got any Nekkid pix of your Tauren’s Mama?
    Wanna buy some?

    Still the best joke ever.

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