Rapid Recuperation : Interesting

If ever you were doubting getting Rapid Recuperation, see the image below and note how much of a difference throughout a raid it actually made. The overall returns from it were greater than our pallies’ Judgements. Very surprising, and I just stumbled on to this as I was going over my WWS from last night to note the difference between Steady Shots (which for me was about 100-150 damage difference, not too bad, but it all adds up). Does this mean I think you should get Rapid Recuperation? Not necessarily – but it’s certainly useful. Try it out for yourself if you’re finding you have mana issues.

Wow, really? Nice.

Wow, really? Nice.


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “Rapid Recuperation : Interesting”

  1. Hmmm very interesting! Good find Nass!

  2. It only works this well if you have Rapid Killing also.

    Rapid Killing + Rapid Recup OR Efficiency. Pick one or the other. Doing both or matching them up wrong is wasting talent points.

  3. Rapid Recuperation is a great MM talent, and is especially helpful on boss fights where there are adds involved – each time an add goes down, you gain mana. Also, you save a ton of mana in Rapid Fire mode, which is double nice for hunters who use Readiness to chain two Rapid Fire modes in sequence.

    (With 2 points in Rapid Killing reducing the CD to the same as Readiness at 3 minutes, you can use Rapid Fire 4 times during a 4-minute or longer boss fight – a minute of vastly reduced mana consumption in a fight is A Good Thing.)

  4. You tell it like it is, babycakes! ❤

  5. What Kor means specifically is not the lower costs of specials while under the effects of Rapid Fire but the mana gains while gaining Rapid Killing. While you could use Rapid Recuperation without Rapid Killing it will not yield as much benefit as having at least 1 point into Rapid Killing. Blizz should’ve put Rapid Recuperation lower on the tree and made it 2nd to Rapid Killing…. kinda like how Readiness is a requirement for Trueshot Aura.

    The only fight I have found so far in 25 man’s that Rapid Recup was beneficial for was Malygos during the 2nd phase. Tough for Pally’s to to Judge their JOW’s and the mana returns after gaining Rapid Killing from the Scions helps. Otherwise I haven’t experienced Mana issues in any other 25 man encounter. Heroics and 10 man’s without Replenishment classes RR is godly.

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