AoE and You – It’s Not Just for Trash, Kids

Few things get me riled up, but one of those things is hunters claiming that Volley is just an easy way to kill trash and reach the top of the charts. This is, I’m sorry, quite inaccurate. Below is a list of bosses on which you MUST AoE in order to help your group function more efficiently.

Obsidian Sanctum:
Opens a portal that, once entered, allows you to kill eggs, which after a certain period of time hatch into dragonlings that you must AoE down quickly so you can return to DPSing the boss.

Fire elementals will appear that, if left up during a lava wave, will enrage. You must be able to AoE these mobs down as quickly as possible. *note* You can tranq the enraged elementals!

Spawns little scarabs that will beat on everyone if one of your group members dies. Regardless of whether or not anyone should be dying, it does happen in a lot of groups, and when it does, you’ll need AoE to get rid of those pesky things.

Spawns spiderlings which must be killed quickly with AoE.

Noth the Plaguebringer
Waves of skeletons will come, and if your tank is skilled, some of them can be AoE’ed down for faster kills. Watch out for the casters – they hurt.

Gothic the Harvester
Waves of Living or Undead will spawn on either side of the gate which must be killed quickly. AoE is great for this, especially on the Undead side.

If your offtank can hold them, you may be needed to AoE multiple Fallout Slimes (but try hard not to let them spawn).

Every period of Decimate, all active Zombies will start walking toward Gluth and if he chomps one of them down, it heals him considerably – You MUST AoE these down as quickly as possible to keep them from reaching Gluth.

On occasion, things won’t go so smoothly, and someone will cause a wave of Skeletons to come crashing toward you during the first phase. If this happens, AoE is the most efficient way to keep things from getting hecktic.

From this list, I hope you see the benefits of Volley, and the usefulness of getting Barrage, whether or not you choose to use Aimed Shot. Most encounters with adds during boss fights require QUICK AND EFFICIENT DISPOSAL. Every effort counts, and your Volley, even after the nerf, is very powerful. Know when to use it, and you’ll go far. It’s not about topping meters. It’s about being useful.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 22, 2009.

34 Responses to “AoE and You – It’s Not Just for Trash, Kids”

  1. Speaking of Naxx, I finally did it! I got into Naxx 10! Not only did i get into Naxx, but we went all the way! We downed KT after 4 tries. I cant believe that we did it with half the group pug’d in (including me). We had a very good raid leader. I managed to pick up the T7 shoulders and the Cloak of Morality. Woot! Also the raid leader was so impressed with my kiting on Gluth he tried to get me to join his raiding guild. Alas, i had to decline. He said i am welcome to run with them as much as i can.

    And in regards to this Blog. I agree with you Nass. There is always a need for AOE here and there and people should not write it off. Dont forget Heroic UP and the gauntlet.

  2. Congratulations! =) Good to hear you were successful and got reinvited.

  3. Your info on Sartharion is really interesting. It was my first time in there (10-man) with my guild yesterday and we did struggle a bit on this. Although, I think it was more a healer problem than anything. Tranq sounds like it will be very handy. We’re meant to be going in the next 15mins so I will have to give it a go.

    Fab post as always…now give old Volley power back lol.

    • Yeah, I didn’t know you could tranq them either until a few weeks ago. I wouldn’t even have thought to try. Except now our CD for tranq is even longer, so…meh. Oh well. I just wish I could raid like normal again.

  4. No, the thought never crossed my mind. Never been able to tranq elementals as far as I can remember(?). My new shot rotation is taking some getting used to but, like you, wish we could raid like we used to. What are you finding tricky with being MM?

  5. Hmmm…good question.

    Right now, for me, the trickiest part is remembering to use my damn trinket. I’m about to just macro that bastard. I had some difficulty controlling my pet on Sartharion (if you don’t run through the gaps in the fire while it’s moving, your pet will stand to the side and take it right in the face), but I overcame that and can now keep him alive 100% of the fight. Hrrmmm…I’ve been playing this for a long time now, so the only real tricky things left are situational, if that makes sense. Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed MM, as always.

  6. Haha. Which trinket are you using? Yeah, I decided to play Sartharion safe with my pet. Being a BM it made sense to keep him alive rather than keep ressing. As soon as DBM announced the wave I hit passive and found a safe spot. I know what you mean about the situational things, knowing your class and abilities certainly helps with that.

    Not being a MM I don’t know if you’ve experienced big changes post-patch. But all I’ve really had to do as a BM is a mini-respec and a new shot rotation, so with the improved Spirit Beast my damage output isn’t that bad.


  7. I’m currently stuck with Loatheb’s Shadow. Our damage is looking the same or better actually. Hard to determine at this point, especially since I can’t f****** raid.

  8. I was a bit disappointed with Loatheb’s Shadow, considering it has the same AP buff as a heroic blue drop. How come you can’t raid?

  9. You mean why can’t we enter a Laggramas and not disconnect at least 5 people at the same time? Ask Blizzard…but I don’t think they know, either. =(

  10. Aah it’s only our MT and healer who get disconnected usually, so, you know, no one really important. Our MT got D/C in Sartharion at the exact moment I went full on with DPS =(

  11. Oh and Blizz probably don’t know because they’re too busy concentrating on redesigning a weapon model that no one really uses. *Cough* Arcanite Ripper *cough*

  12. You are right. AOE’ing is and will always be useful. In TBC it was useful, except hunter’s sucked at it so AOE was left to the Lock’s and Mages. I think what most theorycrafter’s mean is that Allocating points solely for buffing Volley is not as good as using those points for single target DPS. And despite what we want to think, there are countless hunter’s that choose Barrage because it boasts the charts. It’s a sad truth. Choosing Barrage to buff Aimed because you are hit capped and do not need FA is good however. The only fight where a buff in Volley will make a contributable difference is Sartheron with 3 drakes up. Only for the little bit of haste in cleaning up the whelps and elementals before blowing Shadron up… but even then the bottle-neck in that fight is DPSing Shadron down fast enough before Twilight Torment from Vesperon rapes you… so single target dps is really the decision maker.

    BTW, for Tenebron you don’t go into the portal to dps the eggs. You have to ignore the eggs and have an OT hold them otherwise Tenebron will not be down fast enough, before Shadron lands.

  13. Personally, I prefer Mirror of Truth and the Meteorite Whetstone for trinkets. Both have great Crit and great procs, that seem to proc all the time.

  14. WRT – “BTW, for Tenebron you don’t go into the portal to dps the eggs. You have to ignore the eggs and have an OT hold them otherwise Tenebron will not be down fast enough, before Shadron lands.”

    I think it depends on your group as we use Nassira’s method which works fine, but I’ve also got friends who use your method and that works fine for them =)

  15. I was referring to engaging Tenebron by himself in my post, not during 3D. We engage him, enter the portals, and have him down very shortly. If you’re struggling with the dragonlings, perhaps increase your AoE damage? =)

  16. “Personally, I prefer Mirror of Truth and the Meteorite Whetstone for trinkets. Both have great Crit and great procs, that seem to proc all the time.”

    The Meteorite Whetstone is definitely a yummy MM trinket. A BM hunter *should* be haste capped. I would (as a BM) prefer an AP buff trinket and Mirror of Truth – which, incidentally, hardly ever works for me =(

  17. There is a really nice AP trinket in OS 25. I forget the name of it and i am at work, so i cant look it up 😦

  18. Fury of the Five Flights, Kor =)

  19. Kor and Graham re: Trinkets.

    Consider downloading Power Aura’s. You will be surprised how much Mirror or Truth proc’s. It is a 10 sec proc so you may not be noticing the buff. However for a MM pre 3.0.8 and if they fix the bug (unless it is WAI) refreshing SS with the AP proc is highly beneficial. Right now though it looks like Chimera doesn’t refresh the higher AP value so hopefully this is fixed soon.

    Loetheb’s Shadow is a great MM trinket along with Mirror because when Mirror procs you can activate your Loethebs Shadow and you throw on a new SS. Of course this is dependant on Blizz fixing Chimera’s refreshing of SS.

  20. Perzyx, what’s this Power Aura’s thing? Is it an addon similar to recount? From Curse I’m assuming?

  21. Power Aura’s is an addon (yes you can DL it from Curse) and you create custom aura’s to display when a buff or debuff is triggered. It is the best visual queue that I have found so far to let you know when you get a proc such as Quick Shots, Impr Steady Shot, and the Mirror proc (something of Torment).

  22. Except now our CD for tranq is even longer, so…meh.

    Err, hun, it’s shorter. Pre-3.0.8., it was 15 seconds. Now it’s 8 (up from 6, which they were gonna give us on the PTR).

    And Fury of the Five Flights + Darkmoon Card: Greatness (Agility) = best in slot trinkets. 🙂

    • Oh, wow…you’re right – what was I thinking? I guess I saw “up from 6” and assumed 6 was the old one…This is why we communicate. Well that’s just dandy. =) I would’ve noticed it if I COULD FUCKING RAID!

  23. Interesting about Power Aura…I’ve never heard of it. I think I’ll go pick it up and see what my ISS is doing.

  24. I was thinking the same thing, Nassira. Going to get it now and test it out. How exciting! Ahem.

  25. Thought I’d help you out with locating it.

    And the Mirror Proc is called Reflection of Torment. This is what you need to type in the mod for the buff.

  26. I prefer Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text for my proc alerts. It’s a fantastic general-purpose mod for both a SCT-style mod AND audible/visual alerts for procs.

    I have proc alerts for ISS, Mirror of Truth, and Kill Shot.

  27. Thanks all, I shall check them both out =)

  28. Those sound very interesting, i’ll also be checking them out. And thanks Graham for naming the trinket. It was bothering me for the rest of the day trying to remember the name lol. I wish my work wasnt so anal about internet use. They have everything blocked, so its hard to look things up. At least they dont have Nassira’s site blocked:D….yet lol. Also would like to correct myself in the first comment of this blog. I got the Cloak of Mastery not the Cloak of Morality lmao.

  29. Haha no problem.

    What I was coming back here to say was in regard to Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text and Power Auras (which I’m using, and it’s fab).

    I only just found today, in the Interface under Combat Text, the ability to have your auras showing as well as damage, healing etc.

    May save you downloading addons.

  30. I downloaded Mik’s, and to be honest, it just cluttered up my screen and made everything hard to concentrate on. I’ve got Recount for going back and looking at specifics, and watching those numbers pop up constantly was distracting me from the game, and sometimes even covered my target completely. I don’t really think it’s necessary, although it’s kind of neat outside of a raid.

    As for the mod that shows procs – how do I go about changing the settings? I couldn’t find the /command for it, and it wasn’t on the main page where you download it. Halp?

  31. I didn’t particularly like the Mik’s addon for the same reason. I quite like the built-in WoW one though.

    As for the Aura mod. Type /powa =)

  32. Ahh, thank you!

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