Chimera and Glyph of Serpent Sting

A lot of you have asked me whether or not the Glyph of Serpent Sting really is raising the damage we see from Serpent-Chimera, so I ran a quick test to find out. Chart on top is without the Glyph (no other glyph, just without), and the chart on the bottom is with.

Serpent Sting Glyph

Conclusion is that yes – it will improve your sting-Chim damage, and it’s certainly enough of a boost to warrant buying it. Sorry for the short post today, but I have a ton of work to do this week. A few of you have asked how to read and use Recount and WWS, and I promise I will get there soon! Right after raid week…the lag is gone and we can finally get things done! Thursday or Friday, I’ll have something up for you. =)

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 26, 2009.

38 Responses to “Chimera and Glyph of Serpent Sting”

  1. Hey Nass

    Just a noob question as I recently moved over from BM… should I be using my Chimera shot early in my rotation or only when my Serpent sting starts to run out? does it make any difference to the dmg it puts out based on when u use it in relation to SS?

    • You can use it at any point and net the same damage, so I recommend using Chimera immediately after Serpent Sting (watch your threat!).

  2. If you start with a MD to your tank using the macro:

    /target Nassira (enter the main tanks name there)
    /cast Misdirection
    /target focus (and set your focus to the boss)

    Then the threat is transferred to the tank. You can also set your tank as the focus and change the 2nd line to /target focus and the last line as /assist focus but I prefer having the boss set as my focus.

    Hey Nass, how about setting on your Blogroll? hmmm, pretty please 😉

  3. *sigh* I suppose. By the way, you totally don’t even know if I’m hot. I’m probably just your typical average gamer chick. Nothing to see here, folks. >.>

    Oh, and macros are for lazy people. I just have MD keybound to shift-Q, and keep my tank as my focus. Easy.

    And I don’t like pie. Sorry.

  4. Umm…
    Any chick that’s a gamer has a couple hot points over a non-gamer chick.

    Re: the sting of your article, good work. The logic made sense and I’m glad it works for real. Still testing my SV this week, next week will be MM =)

  5. Pfft, I figured this out first, Nass. 😛

    But yeah, fire your Chimeras every 10 seconds on the dot. More deeps.

  6. The problem with not macro-ing your MD is that you lose a second retargetting. The macro in one global cooldown target’s your tank, casts MD, and retargets the boss, so you don’t miss a beat. While some argue that Macro’s are for the Lazy, and I agree that when it comes to your shot rotations you will maximize your dps by manually weaving vs shot macro’s, there are many macro’s that will save you time that could have been spent DPSing. Other Macro’s that are useful are combining Aspects with Specials and Rapid Fire with Trinkets, racials, and Call of the Wild.

    And stop trying to play yourself down. You’re hot shit. You are the cat’s Meow. Stop acting like your’e not.

  7. Are we talking pet/tank MDs? I prefer:

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /target [tank’s name]
    /cast Misdirection
    /ra Misdirecting %t.
    /p Misdirecting %t.

  8. That one works too. I prefer to not rely on /targetlasttarget as my final line but rather have it set to target my focus (boss). Also we only allow /rw and /p’s for certain fights (Like Vashj). If I had to see a spam of everyone’s abilities when they use it, it would annoy the crap out of me.

  9. I prefer to use focus for trap targets.
    One for switching in middle of combat is:

    /assist [target=Narissa]
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    This is particularly useful for PUGs where you get RamboTank who just marks up the first target and expects you to read his mind after that. It puts a nice shiny mark on the one hes aiming at.
    Its advisable not to put an attack after that, as you want to know that hes not aiming at a different group altogether[has happened on occasion]

  10. Thanks for the MD macro Rilgon, I tried writing one myself and I could not for the life of me figure out how to make it target the last target.

    Got everything else to work though…

  11. Tx for the reply Nass

    any suggestions as when is the best time to pop readiness?
    Should I blow all cooldowns, pop readiness and then repeat, or is there a better/smarter way to use it?

  12. Using Readiness really depends on your situation. Generally you only get one per fight, so you want to make it count. There are a few things I do with Readiness –

    1. Use Rapid Fire for mana gain with Viper, swap to DHawk, use Kill Shot, use Readiness, use Rapid Fire + Kill Shot again.

    2. Easy chain-trapping in 5-mans.

    3. PvP – Deterrence, Silencing Shot, Kill Shot, or Traps (Readiness is great for PvP).

    Do this – next time you find yourself in an awkward situation in which you really wish you had X ability again, next time save your Readiness for that moment. For example, I have the Pocket Knife that I can use for wipe protection – sometimes I use Readiness to double-FD if my original gets interrupted.

    Readiness is awesome. Lots of uses, decent cooldown. Just experiment a little and you’ll find a good time for it in every situation.

  13. Thanx again!

    Out of interest, what sort of numbers are the MM hunters putting up in comparison to the new trend towards SV? I personally am really enjoying the MM playstyle and wouldn’t change even if SV is doing better… trap dancing just doesn’t interest me 🙂

  14. @ The Boys –

    Except for Malygos, which we just attempted for the first time last night, regular MDs throughout a fight haven’t been necessary for us. There’s the initial pull or “please don’t attack me when I hit Chimera” beginning, but using MD after I’ve already initiated combat has not been happening for me. Maybe I’ll find a situation in which I’ll want the macro – I just like to keep things simple. Perhaps I’ll start using it for Maly.

    Oh and I didn’t claim to know it first…there’s always SOMEONE who thinks of things before us. Ideas just aren’t original anymore. We’re just loudmouths, and I just answer questions to the best of my ability. Poor guy needed an answer!

    AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE! Unless you found something somewhere, somehow….fuck.

  15. @ Bovril

    One of our hunters who was MM and has never really been close to me in damage during raids has suddenly jumped up to my level, sometimes even surpassing me on boss fights after switching to SV. I feel that with her bad connection, and if she gained more skill, she could surpass me by 200-300 DPS in the same gear, and in her current gear (better than mine, with about 200 more AP) she could surpass me by 400 DPS. This is, of course, if she controlled her pet better, got a stable connection, and mastered the arts of the new SV.

  16. Hmmm that’s unfortunate… I guess we’ll probably just have to suck it up for the time being and work at getting our MM play as efficient as we can 🙂

    That’s what counts most for me… not that I’m at the top of the chart, but that I’m making the best effort to do what I can with what I have and enjoy doing it!

  17. Rock on, brutha.

  18. I still maintain that the best way to use Readiness, assuming your fight will be less than three minutes, is to wait for 20%, blow Call of the Wild + on-use trinkets, and Kill -> Readiness -> Kill.

  19. Yup, that’s generally my main useage, but I try to work Rapid Fire in there as well. If you time it all right, you get double everything crazy-man madness.

  20. Hehe. Maybe I do know what you look like, maybe I don’t. Perhaps I don’t need to know what you look like… If your words are attractive can’t that be enough for me to say your the bees knees? After reading Rilgon’s blog I think I wanna marry him.

    J/k there Ril… don’t get your hopes up.

    But anyhoo… Malygos has another bug that hasn’t been fixed since the expac where Feign Death doesn’t work. In addition the tank has to move him often for the sparks to be stacked properly, which makes him generate less threat. Also the sparks increase your damage which in turns means even more threat. And on top of that, while you are in the vortex you can still fire instant shots so we are generating threat even when the tank can’t. We have to have all hunter’s use MD on every cooldown just so we (and the mages) do not pull threat. 10 man is not nearly so bad… but 25 man raid buffed the macro is godly.

  21. I love and have always used the Kill –> Readiness –> Kill routine. But throwing Rapid Fire in there sounds absolutely devastating. Can’t wait to start trying that!

    On a side note Nassira, what’s your stand on using Rapid Fire with Viper for mana regen. I have a theory that it’s just a BM thing (since they can’t get down far enough in the tree for Rapid Recuperation). I’ve always used Rapid Fire to dish out the DPS, getting as many instant shots in as possible, taking advantage of the lower mana requirements that Rapid Recuperation provides while in Rapid Fire. For me it’s a waste to blow it on viper.

  22. @ Torgall –

    I really think it’s very situational. You’ll have to feel it out for yourself – I find that using Viper during the FIRST Rapid Fire, and using the second for DPS is generally very handy, but I absolutely HATE being in Viper at all, so the faster I can get out, the better. I’d go so far as to say I’m OCD about mana consumption/regeneration. Viper = icky. I get rid of it like a bandaid.

  23. I almost exclusively save my Rapid for Viper. *shrug*

  24. Thanks for the input Nassira and Rilgon. It looks like I’ll have to experiment more with the best use of Rapid Fire. One thing’s for sure… ❤ the Rapid Fire no matter which way it’s used!

    As I approach 80 I’m finding more and more of my soloing methods need to be adjusted to more raid efficient methods. Even though I’ve been playing my hunter since technically 1.0 open beta, I missed out on 60 & 70 raiding. Should be fun learning new "ways"!

  25. Rapid Recuperation and Rapid Killing together are mana regen tools. Rapid Fire while in Viper is good because your Steady Shots fire faster and are dirt cheap, so you don’t have to be in Viper as long. Killing adds in boss fights will also garner you a decent chunk of mana.

  26. So what’s a better hunter weapon than Journey’s End? Everything I’ve ever seen has it edging betryer by about 15% and black ice by 20%

  27. There is currently no better weapon for Hunter’s than Journey’s End. Gotta wait for Ulduar for an upgrade over it. The closest thing to Journey’s End at the moment is if you need the amount of hit DW 2 Sinisters Revenge’s with Accuracy Enchants. Not to mention so many DK’s, DPS Warriors, and Ret Pallys will hate you for having BoH.

  28. DAMMIT! Nass is gonna kill me, I messed up on the posessive grammar in “Hunter’s”. Nass… how do I edit my comments?

  29. Too late…I already saw it.

    I’m so disappointed in you. =(

  30. One problem I see with your graph, you only fired 10 chimera shots, which isn’t a good thing when looking for average damage.

    But let’s work with it…
    Average non-glyphed damage per shot was 1010.
    Average non-glyphed crit dmage per shot was 2495.

    Average glyphed damage per shot was 1528.
    Average glyphed crit damage per shot was 3624.

    Chimera Shot can only fire every 10 seconds. In a 3 minute fight, that’s 18 shots. Let’s say, of those 18 shots you get off 8 crits.

    Non-glyphed – total non-crit dmg would be 10100.
    Non-glyphed – total crit dmg would be 19960

    Glyphed – total non-crit dmg would be 15280
    Glyphed – total crit dmg would be 28992

    Total non-glyphed chimera dmg would be 30060.
    Total glyphed chimera dmg would be 44272

    Average non-glyphed chimera DPS would be 167.
    Average glyphed chimera DPS would be 246.

    So the Serpent Sting glyph would be a 79 dps gain given that you have over 40% raid buffed crit on a boss for 3 minutes. The value of the glyph scales with attack power and crit, meaning that getting more of those stats will make the glyph give you more dps.

    So then, the only question you have to ask yourself is “Do other glyphs benefit me more than 79 dps?”

    Do the math to find out.

  31. @Peldin This post is rather old, my friend. =) The new glyphs are superior by far. It was also just a test to see if the glyph was fuctioning, not whether or not it was superior to another glyph. And yes indeed, it was functioning. =)

  32. Which new Glyphs are superior to Glyph of Serpent Sting? I won’t be replacing that Glyph on my MM spec.

  33. It’s not any one glyph, but the combination of glyphs which is important. And I currently have glyph of SS as well, because I can’t justify dropping it. I like steady damage, not spike damage, so anything which gives me a steady buff is what I go for. However, I’ve seen a lot of people enjoying glyph of kill shot. I might play with that a bit if I get the gold.

  34. How is Glyph of Steady Shot better than Glyph of Serpent Sting?

  35. By SS I was referring to Serpent Sting. lol Chillax, bra.

  36. lol, bra. Yea right now I’ve got Serpent Sting, Kill Shot, and Steady Shot. With Malganis Lag, and not being completely soft-haste capped the Chimera Glyph isn’t so wonderful for me. Kill Shot is AMAZING in Ulduar. There are so many fights where you get to take advantage of the Glyph. I raped face in Iron Council, getting off i think it was 9 Kill Shots. I spiked up well well above the #2 DPSer in that fight.

  37. or instead of making a macro that long and having to edit it for every tank and set the boss as a focus you can set the tank as your focus and do this instead:
    /cast [@focus] Misdirection
    /assist [@focus]
    This will make it so it mds your tank then targets his target

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