Spec Competition, Phat Loots, and Malygos’ Beard

In all the hubbub of Patch 3.0.8, many hunters have swapped over to the new Survival. While I don’t have an issue with this, I would like to say that you must expect a learning curve with it. Unless you’re very quick on the uptake and learn new strats like Speedy Gonzalas, don’t expect instant results. If you’re going to switch specs, stick with it until you see generous improvement.

If you ARE Speedy Gonzalas, congratulations! Survival is doing a considerable amount of damage, and as much as I wish MM had gotten buffed, Survival is now in the spotlight. If your ultimate goal is to master the spec which yeilds the most damage available in most situations, Survival is the new BM. One of our MM hunters switched to Survival a few days ago, and has suddenly shot up three or four damage spots on Recount, as well as matches or surpasses my DPS on some bosses. Her gear is minimally better, her computer slower – therefore, her DPS could be surpassing my own by a generous amount with some more practice and a better connection. Perhaps you’ll find that while you didn’t quite grasp MM, you’re very adept at the strats for SV.

If you don’t like the idea of SV, or don’t like change in general, you can still be useful with the other specs. Just don’t expect to be competing for the top of the charts unless the skill and gear of those you play with is lesser than your own. Arcane mages are destroying things like it’s child’s play, Death Knights are still incredibly powerful, and Rogues aren’t to be discredited. But remember – it’s not all about top damage. Do what you enjoy doing, be a joy to have in group, know your strats and techniques, do your best on damage, and you’ll always be a valuable player.

On a lighter note, I got some gear upgrades last night! Betrayer dropped, but it went to our DK. Luckily for me, Journey’s End dropped, too. Not the best, but definitely an upgrade from my Wraith Spear. I also picked up my tier 7.5 chest piece, a slight upgrade from Heroic, but the second-best in slot. Best if you have the 2-piece set bonus, imo. I’d suggest the shoulders and the chest, but the other tier pieces aren’t worth it in my humble opinion.

Last night, <Explicit> one-shotted the remaining bosses in Naxx25 and moved on to our first real Malygos attempts.

First, let me start by saying that we have a great group of talented players, most of whom are respectful, fun, and intelligent. Maturity may be lacking in some cases, but respectfulness tends to outweigh the issues caused by it. That being said, there are still those who struggle with certain issues, be it poor computers, schedule inconsitancies, health problems, or wife aggro. Every dog has his day, but mostly he’s just a dog. And we’re just people, playing this game we love. We can’t run away from bad days, or even bad weeks in which nothing is accomplished. The battlegroup issue was horrendous.

Being able to play again has raised spirits exponentially, and our speedy disposal of Naxx bosses has boosted our confidence. However, sometimes our assessment of skills makes us forget that we are still only as good as our gear permits. Suffice it to say, we must clear Naxx many more times before we’re ready to down Malygos. And now, after the battlegroup issues, we are three weeks behind schedule. What do we say to that? Bring it on. In a few weeks’ time, we’re going to shave that damn beard right off the dragon. Oh, the imagery!

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 27, 2009.

24 Responses to “Spec Competition, Phat Loots, and Malygos’ Beard”

  1. Luckily for me, Journey’s End dropped, too. Not the best

    Yes, it is. Journey’s End is best in slot, hun.

  2. How do you figure that?

  3. 23 AP + 13 Haste versus 30 crit rating…really depends on your needs.

  4. The crit difference works out to about .4%, assuming you don’t have CE, and AP > everything for MM Hunters.

  5. Balance is key. If lacking in crit, make up for it. If lacking in AP, make up for it. Perhaps I have another piece that I made the equal but opposite sacrifice on? But the differences between these two weapons is TINY and I’d consider both to be “best in slot”. Either one is sufficient. Now Black Ice…not sufficient.

    Comment on something in my post that actually had value. =( And if you think none of it had value…well, why read it?

  6. Well, wouldnt Journey’s End still be a viable slot for weapon? I mean sure it would depend on stats one already has. I did hear that my guildie who is speced MM said that Journey’s End is better then her Black Ice. So i want to know if…i should /laugh at her or should i agree and maybe attempt grab it myself first before her.

  7. *sigh* Rilgon, you twisted my words around.

    All I said was, “not the best”, meaning not the best for me at the moment. Like I’ve said before, I don’t consider my blog to be an ultimate-knowledge reference site. You want facts, go to Wiki. You want opinions about my own stats/gear/raiding experience, come here.

    If your crit is sufficient and your AP lacking, Journey’s End is fantastic, and best in slot. If, like me, you sacrificed much crit on another item and need to make up for it, Betrayer of Humanity is also a fantastic weapon. Black Ice is only good if you absolutely NEED that +hit, otherwise you’re losing a bunch of helpful stats in place of it.

    Balancing your gear, not necessarily equally in each stat, is very important. You should strive for certain ranges of both crit and AP. Only stacking AP or only stacking Crit is silly. Look at the rest of your gear, look at what else you have planned on your gear agenda, and make decisions from that information.

  8. Gratz on the Staff. It is the ugliest thing and only for that reason I’ll agree that it isn’t the best. Otherwise stat-wise it is several points above BoH: 21Agil, 2AP, 18Haste > 30Crit. If you’re hurting in crit real bad you can use Loetheb’s Shadow and Mirror of Truth to make up for it. Keep in mind that as MM our raid buffed crit is already insane and while crit has slightly diminishing returns, AP doesn’t. But BoH has Journey’s End on looks, and now-aday’s strollin in Dalaran a girl’s gotta have the best lookin loot.

    Oh and I’m confident you guys can do Malygos without farming Naxx a few more times like you stated. The fight is less gear oriented and simply needs to be practiced. Just beware right now there seems to be a glitch. May not afffect you but posts are popping up in forums about it.

  9. What kind of glitch? That may have been our issue…we couldn’t stay alive for more than a few seconds after the first Vortex. People were getting reamed with some spell or another and we couldn’t figure it out. There is no tail swipe, correct?

    And yeah, I won’t lie, I want the axe for looks as well. But as far as the trinkets go, I really would like to replace a crit trinket with an AP trinket, as I think it will be more worthwhile, but I have to make sure the rest of my gear has an abundance of crit. That’s why I wanted the axe.

  10. Malygos does not tail swipe… you can get all up in his hizzey, and in fact have to in order to have the whole raid (mellee and ranged) stacking in the spark buff.

    He is glitched in that he does his arcane breath on the whole raid occasionally while he turns to do his arcane storm (i think that’s what it’s called). However, you also need to (in 25 man) run as a group in a particular direction after a voretx. We call out in vent either South or North depending on which way the next spark is coming. If you stand in the middle when he lands he will wipe the whole raid. If your raid was dying right after a vortex it was probably that. If they were dying well after a vortex and in between sparks from a random turn and torch, then it’s the glitch.

    BTW, your armory looks spot on. You have plenty of crit, and raid buffed should be pushing 50%. After you get Massacre on your Staff you will have a kick ass lady. Don’t sweat taking BoH over Mellee, just get one of those proto drake mounts and no one will notice the ugly beatstick.

  11. But people are putting up pictures of stick horses on the guild forums and calling me Cowgirl. =(

    Ugh, I don’t know, I guess I’m just paranoid with my stats. What I really need is that damn necklace, but it’s dropped like 6 times and I still haven’t gotten it. *waaaah*

  12. Oh, and that was our issue, btw, the bug with the storm – people were finding that in their logs and we were running to the appropriate spots. We would all just drop dead a few seconds later in a puff of smoke. Granted, we were very short on heals, and proper ones at that. I don’t know. I hope they fix it soon.

  13. I didn’t comment on everything else because you worded everything else so well. 🙂

    If I can’t find an angle to take that’s productive, I’ll take the vaguely nit-picky angle. >_>;

  14. And yeah, currently being at nearly 35% crit self-buffed and about 4200 RAP self-buffed, I’d take JE over BoH. If it’s better for you to get the Betrayer, more power to you. :3

  15. Hahaha

    Yeah, I noticed! I’m just like…oh God…if three numbers are off, Rilgon’s gonna say something, and probably call me something derrogatory like Hun or Babe…*hides under a rock*

    Meh, like I said, I think I’m paranoid about stats, mainly because my self-buffed doesn’t seem all that high and I have a lot of “best” pieces. I’m trying to be super careful on choice, but like that jerk says, I can’t just tell something to drop from the magic Loot Table from Heaven. Wouldn’t that be nice…

  16. I got the staff a few weeks ago. Before the patch even changed it, yay for planning ahead and having no ferals in that raid. Main reason I got it was because I think the melee would kill me if I rolled on the axe.

    But in all seriousness unless you stacked just crit or AP on all your other gear, the staff or the axe should really come out to pretty much the same dps in the end.

    I personally like the staff just a little bit more as SV because of the agi. Since my effective crit usually runs about 60% atm crit isn’t something I am desperate for. But again both are so close having one over the other really shouldn’t effect your dps much at all.

  17. I don’t mean tooltip crit what I am talking about really is how much my abilities crit. Due to abilities in the SV tree mainly master tactician and t.n.t. my explosive shot crits quite often. But it also affects my other shots to degree.

    For example my last patchwerk kill here is the breakdown:
    Explosive: 66% crit
    Steady: 61% crit
    Auto: 52% crit

    I know that is only one boss and honestly the numbers are kinda unusually high but over the night I usually see about 60% crit on all my shots save auto, for whatever reason that seems to fall short of steady.

    Since we have pretty much the same gear my tooltip crit is probably going to be pretty much the same as yours (which btw I want your gun lol).

    Sorry for the confusion I hope this clears it up.

    • Hrrmmmm….really? Here’s my latest WWS crit info –

      Not that I don’t believe you, just that I certainly don’t see 60%. Ever.

  18. This is from the all of spider wing and patchwerk. Bosses only.

    I didn’t think the difference between MM and SV would be that big.

  19. Wow, that’s nuts! No wonder the SV numbers are so high.

  20. Don’t forget Nass, you could be missing buffs. Leader of the Pack from a Feral druid is 5% crit right there. SV is always going to have higher crit from Lightning Reflexes… their agility is just so high. But your numbers are solid, and if you optimized your group composition you would see bigger numbers.

    I don’t know why you worry so much about your stats, your gear is close to best in game sans a couple items, and since you have a good understanding on class mechanics you’ve geared and spec’d wisely. Stat and gear wise you have a leg up on Rilgon so you shouldn’t sweat him. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back. But I guess idk, what does this jerk know anyways 😦

  21. Haha ❤

    I’m not sweating anyone, and I’m really not all that competitive – that’s mostly on Rilgon’s end, and a few others. Actually, most other hunters are incredibly competitive. Anyway, I just want to do the best I can.

    And you are a jerk, but you know your shit. =P

  22. Aww… somehow I think that was a compliment. I’m blushing. Well not really I’m a guy so I don’t blush, but if I did I would be red in the cheeks right now 😉

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