Beaten with a Dead Horse Stick? I Thought it was Beat a Dead Horse with a Stick…


It happens. It happens.

It’s that time again – the “I’ve Run This Raid One Too Many Times” feeling is creeping into my veins. When things start getting fast, it feels automatic, and when it feels automatic, people start causing trouble. There’s nothing more dangerous to a raid than friends goofing off. There’s also nothing funnier as long as it’s not that disruptive. So, if like me you are itching for some action, here’s a list of things NOT to do during your raid or instance that may seem like good fun, but actually suck (Tulmok).

1. Corpse-exploding everyone, even after combat, including the dead boss when it’s time to loot.

2. Placing a Death Gate on top of said Exploded-corpse Boss when your master looter is a Death Knight.

3. Opening Portals to Stonard while making people think it’s bisquits.

4. Casting Path of Frost or Water Walking on someone who is making the mile-long jump to the next portion of the instance.

5. Spinning in circles to make yourself dizzy before a fight.

6. Meleeing/Ranging when you’re actually Ranged/Melee. Or just unequipping your weapon and punching things.

7. Creating your own channel to tell Your Momma Jokes, and creating new jokes instead of fighting.

8. After Thaddius, having a Face-Off with the opposite charge to see who can loot without dying.

9. Misdirecting your mind-controlled friends onto your other friends.

10. Casting those Moonglow stones near to touching all over the playing field. (I’m serious – stop doing that)

And last but not least – Teabagging your friends instead of rezzing them.

Remember – DISRUPTIVE! DO NOT DO! (more than once)

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on January 28, 2009.

17 Responses to “Beaten with a Dead Horse Stick? I Thought it was Beat a Dead Horse with a Stick…”

  1. Fortunately for me at least most of the time we are not raiding farm content. (which for me is naxx and maly) and rather our main focus is sarth with drakes up. We have managed to get him down with 2 up, but we are still working on 3. I do have a little story to share that is somewhat similar though. Keep in mind this is after about 2 weeks straight of sarth 3d attempts.

    Late one night someone thought it would be fun to jump into one of those lava tornadoes…

    If you don’t know they have a tendency of tossing you right into the boss.

    Fun times.

  2. Hehe Yeah, getting hit is fun, but not recommended for survival.

  3. I can safely say I’ve never done any of that, however I never thought of doing Yo Mamma jokes…
    Yo mama so fat when she gets on the scale it says ‘To Be Continued.’


  4. Ahhhh …now I see why you hate me!! I’m guilty of a LOT of those..


  5. Also, you forgot rezzing people after Thad knowing that they’ll die again if they accept before the charge wears off

  6. and you forgot that damn disco ball and train set

  7. Rezzing people on Thad that is a good one. lol

  8. Fuck that stupid disco ball…epilepsy isn’t fun.

  9. @ Eresin –


  10. I wish I was a Mage. The portal to Stonard idea? Priceless. I should have thought of that.

  11. someones just mad because i have a supercool axe and your stuck with a pony stick.

  12. Corpse exploding huge bosses is a help, what are you on about? o_O;

  13. 25 people all standing on a tiny corpse trying to click it sucks. lol

    And no, I’m not jealous of your metal ‘n’ wood, Tulmok. I’m jealous of the size of the epeen that comes with it.

  14. its always so fun to stand in rainstorm of arrows as well…

  15. So people need to be patient.

    Oh wait, I’m talking about people here. Never mind.

  16. Patience doesn’t work when we’re ushered to the next room as soon as the RL loots. lol

  17. Haha, those are funny. I’ve tried the melee when you’re ranged part of it, but I can defend myself! I was healing on Razuvious, and we just finished him off and we had one of the understudies left and the other two healers were doing fine and I had nothing to heal, so I hopped in and started melee’ing the boss! It was fun, and I don’t think anyone noticed…

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