Domain Name!


Let me know if the following link doesn’t redirect you to my site –


❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 4, 2009.

12 Responses to “Domain Name!”

  1. Works 🙂

  2. Works!

  3. Bravissimo! 😀

  4. Wha?
    I’m lost.

  5. Works

  6. You guys are so bad at directions. LOL But thanks!

  7. @ Rilgon did you know that Bravissimo is the name of a lingerie shop that sells bras for women with large…eh-hems….?
    I used to work as a fitting consulants, yes i spent my day looking a big boobs 🙂

    btw WORKS!

  8. Works – and I’ve updated the link on my Ultimate Blogroll =D

  9. w00t!

  10. *Sigh* It works, which means you will soon be hit with the EDS firewall bat and I will only be able to read your blog at home 😦
    Here’s to having fun while it lasts!

  11. Love the banner! 🙂

  12. Is it? Have I been using the wrong words again?

    Christ, where’s that Patron…

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