Hunter Discussions Delayed, and I’m No Fool for Love

Good morning!

Due to a few cancellations (RL prevails once again), the Hunter Discussion has been pushed to a later date. Those of you who could not make it last time may find this next time more suitable –

Let’s try for a weekday, say Thursday or Friday? I work and don’t get home until about 7:00, but maybe 8:00pm EST? Those of you who already signed up will get an email, and anyone else who wishes to participate and can make Thursday or Friday at 8:00pm can leave a comment below with your email address or send me an email directly at

Sorry for the delay, but I do still intend to make this work! Life can be pretty demanding, but if we can’t make time for WoW, we’ve gone too far… =P

On that note, let’s talk about this damned Love Fool achievement for a moment. Anyone else as frustrated as I am that it only lasted for a few days and it demanded a ridiculous amount of luck AND time? I was one candy away (“You’re the Best!”) from the title for almost two days. TWO DAYS of trying just for one candy. Now, I’m not all about instant gratification (in most instances =P) and I like to work for what I receive, but not like this…people were literally logging on every hour just to check, because they knew there was no time to miss a cooldown.

I would do anything for love…

But I won’t do that.

Nassira is no fool. I logged on Sunday morning and leveled my Paladin, hopped on Nassira each hour, and hoped for the best, but I didn’t let the seduction of sweet achievements get the best of me. On Saturday, I helped my friend paint her kitchen, watched several episodes of Family Feud, moved more of my stuff into my new place, and spent two hours at Taco Bell teaching little kids how to behave when they eat. Was it better than logging on every hour, praying for “You’re the Best”? Probably.

But I’ll admit, I’m disappointed that this is the first holiday achievement I’ve missed, and it was one of my favorite titles after Elder.



~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 16, 2009.

43 Responses to “Hunter Discussions Delayed, and I’m No Fool for Love”

  1. Being 1am in the UK at Hunter Discussion time I’ll try and make it and if it doesn’t stay in spam I think you still have my details lol.

    It’s a shame about the achievement, but you’re no stranger to love, you know the rules and so do I. Ahem…there’s always next year 🙂

  2. ❤ ❤ ❤

    You get like fifty Nassira points for making sweet, sweet Rick love to me.

    Don’t ask me what Nassira points are. They’re kinda like Schrute Bucks, only less useful.

  3. Do I get to cash in these points at any time for something epic? Or are they like achievement points? =D

  4. Uh…

    I haven’t figure it out yet.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Haha. That was a welcome break from my leatherworking grind in Nagrand /cry. Give 400 now please…

  6. I completely feel you on this World Event Nass. I am one heart candy away from the meta. The elusive “I LOVE YOU” piece. I have been trying for 2 day now, trying to get another bag of heart candy. 12 Black Dresses, 10 Boxes of chocolate, stacks upon stacks of petals and rockets and arrows later, still no candy. I swear, if I dont get my last piece of candy by the end of the night tonight, I am putting in a ticket to a GM. This is bull shit. These events should be fun and getting the achievements should be fun. They shouldn’t be tedious and frustrating.

  7. Is the event still going on? I was told it ended at 6:00am this morning.

  8. I thought it ended at 6am this morning too? I’ve been trying to get a picnic basket for fun but Blizzard hate me for some reason (no, really, they do!) so no luck.

  9. I have no idea what time it ends. I am at work until 5pm est. So if its already over when I get home, then I will submit my ticket.

  10. I saw you on DeviantArt! o.O

  11. Me? lol

  12. Yah….duh….

  13. Haha omgz, stalker! 😉 rofl

  14. Says the man who comments on my blog so often. =P

    I left you a message. You know, about how you suck and everything. Stuff like that.

  15. Touche! I blame the email notifications =P

    Aw how sweet. I shall reciprocate in kind =P

  16. Can anyone verify for me if the event is over? It’s driving me crazy not knowing.

  17. pretty mcuh everyone I work with missed out on the title because of 1 candy. I guess I was VERY lucky, but it is a bit crap that it totally screws you for the drake for a whole year.
    It should have lasted longer imo.

  18. I’m not giving up. I’m going to talk to a GM tonight.

  19. Good luck, Kor! Let me know how it goes.

    @ Graham – Email notifications are God’s gift to bloggers. And forum trolls.

  20. Email notifications + Gmail App = WIN!

  21. NO U! I’m having a day off work today because my sister and nephew are visiting. Pro’s of working from home.

    Aw I’d be lost without that app.

  22. I’m working toward working at home, but first I have to get my new car, THEN I can be a starving web-business owner. One step at a time.

    Looking for an employee? =P

  23. Ooh new car eh. Very swish. What are are you after? And good luck!!!

    Can you make cake?

  24. I make fantastic cakes, I decorate them by hand, and I don’t even want to eat them. Not even a finger in the frosting.

    I’m poor. Used car, probably Japanese make. Looking for a good ‘ole Subaru, most likely.

  25. Oh I’m impressed. Your CV is looking fab! lol.

    Subarus are great cars. Can’t think of any which would be a bad choice.

    • Wait…why did you want to know if I make cakes? I thought you were a web designer/writer?

      Also, will cook/clean/do wively duties for room and board in the UK. I’m bored with D.C.

  26. I like cake =D

    Is DC that bad?

  27. Nah, D.C. is okay, but I grew up in the country. Plus I get fidgety in the same place for too long. I love traveling, but not as a tourist. Ya know? A year here, a few months there…you don’t really get a feel for a place until you live there.

  28. I am also available for relocation to the UK. Please! LOL

  29. Aw I couldn’t bare growing up in the country and moving to a city. I’d go mad! I totally know what you mean, I love the countryside. Very much a ‘me’ thing.

    And if we’re not careful I’ll be looked at by Immigration!!!

  30. Don’t be silly, Immigration only exists for Mexicans! No one else counts. I’ll do a fake accent – no one will know. I do a fantastic Monty Python impression. 😉

  31. You don’t mind being called Brian then?

    O/T – I don’t like Gluth =(

  32. You can call me whatever you want, so long as I’m breathing fresh air again.

    What’s wrong with Gluth?? I think it’s a fun fight, especially for hunters. And I like the barking noise he makes.

  33. Oh I like it from a hunter point of view but the other members of the group (mage especially) struggle on it =(

    Haha fresh air ftw! I love living in the countryside.

    On Thaddius now. LOVE this fight!

  34. Time for me to pretend to work for the last 50 minutes of the day…thanks for carrying me through a Monday. Good luck on Thaddius!

  35. Aww, WoW talk at work, painful =( Thaddius down. Have fun at work =)

  36. I’m so glad that proto-drakes are ugly as sin, because I dunno what I’d do if I was as worked up over the achievement as you guys are. /console

    • Hehe I don’t know about “worked up”, but it was disappointing.

      And protodrakes are ugly, but who said ugly doesn’t have its good side? I still think they’re fierce, and for a hunter to have one is especially appropriate (although the red one is my fave : halfway there!).

      To each his own. Besides – at least my drake will never make me look fat…

  37. Gluth makes for a fun hunter fight, until the kiter (usually a pally in my groups) starts shouting “MORE FROST TRAPS!” and all you can say is “It’s on cooldown, sucks for you.”

    I spent a LOT of time getting those damn gifts of adoration for those damned bags of candy. FINALLY I got enough to get the achievement and the title. Then, they fix the problem. Come Sunday, as I’m whoring out love tokens for the perma-peddle, bags of candy keep dropping. I now have three unused bags of candy sitting in my bank. Where were they Saturday when I was tearing my hair out?

  38. Well, I dropped a ticket last night in an attempt to get my last little piece of candy. The GM basically said it sucks to be you and better luck next year. So, i spent the next 15 minutes ranting in guild chat about the unfairness of everything until i felt better. I’m over it now:) Oh well

  39. A little luck based is fine by me, but almost the entire event was luck based. Tons of people even had problems with Love Rockets. I don’t mind difficult, but pure random luck on a short event sucks.

  40. I agree 100%. All the items should of had an equal drop rate, except the pet and the basket of course. I have completed every single World Event since the introduction of the achievement system. Including every single Valentines achievement, except the heart candy one. Because of one little piece of candy, i now have to wait an entire year because of luck. I dont understand why Blizzard can’t make a little concession and just give one piece of candy. Its not like i’m asking for the pet. I know some people think its trivial, but whatever. It was important to me and has now left a bad taste in my mouth.

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