Naxx-tastic, Almost as Good as Nass-tastic

<Explicit> cleared all of Naxx last night and ended right on time. This is our first full clear in just one raid night. DPS was off the wall, healing was great as always…but our poor tanks. Our poor little tanks were getting pissed. All night, we heard –


“Relax, guys!”

“Seriously, you need to wait.”

“Fine, then – you can all die for all I care.”

“I haven’t even hit the mob yet.”


Sorry, Jailer. I guess we were a little excited. But hey, we did tear the place a new one! I reached a new personal best on Patchwerk (over 4400dps) but am still getting beat by Survival by a bit. I’m very excited by the upcoming MM talent change, though, and I think the new Piercing Shots will bridge the gap between MM and Survival, or at least come close. I’m also hoping they add a bit more umph to BM, just to make things interesting.

I probably could’ve performed a bit better had I not been talking to everyone during the fights. But Naxx is the new Kara, and it’s just too boring if you don’t keep yourself occupied. I really want that new content to come soon. And I really hope it’s more of a challenge – I want to spend almost as much time on each boss as we spent with Malygos. I want the victories to be really rewarding. And I want to see some new things!

Jailer, I promise I’ll slow down a bit. Now that I’ve tanked (once, as ret) on my paly, I know a little of what it’s like to have outrageous DPS-tards ruining your threat…you know…LIKE YOU, YOU BASTARD! ❀ Yeah, taste it. How does it taste? Tastes gooooood.

❀ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 18, 2009.

21 Responses to “Naxx-tastic, Almost as Good as Nass-tastic”

  1. Its like Kara but requires more people and takes longer… so that’s good.

  2. Or bad, depending on how you look at it…

  3. No, it taking longer is not good >.<

    I’m at the point where running Naxx is like getting a cavity filled – it needs to be done, and you step up to get it done, but it’s annoyingly painful. When I was doing loot last night, people asked me if I could get any less enthusiastic…

    Grats on the one-night clear. We debating polishing off EoE last night after Naxx, but decided that the 15 minutes we had left of allocated raid time is just better off not spent.

  4. Ha! I still get excited about going into Naxx. Since I am not in a raiding guild and normally only go when my raiding friends have room in their raids, its still fun for me and is not tedious yet. This is one time I am glad to be a pugger. While most raiders are bored and falling asleep with Naxx now, I’m still enjoying my personal progression. Keep you head up guys and gals:)

  5. Personally, Naxx was a welcome change when we were banging our heads against the walls with sarth 3d. Now that we one or two shot it nowadays almost all content get cleared in one or two days. It would probably be really boring if we didn’t have achievements to go for.

    Impressive numbers for MM. I don’t really have much to compare them with since everyone these days, myself including, has hoped on the SV explosion. However, I was MM for a few weeks before going SV, never really remember getting great numbers, perhaps because that was when BM was still rocking the charts and that was my comparison. Might have to go look up some old WWS parses later today. Anyway it was still really fun since, like most everyone else, I was BM all the way through TBC.

    Bleeds for MM may actually make me go back to MM. Depending of course on how the final talent turns out. Then again if ES remains in its current state it still will be hard for me to switch. Very excited to start messing around with things on the ptr when it is up.

  6. Naxx = glorified Kara. Actually, we had much less difficulty in Naxx than my old guild in Kara – the first few times we ran Kara, we actually had to read strats out loud and spend a whole night on one boss. I remember Moroes being rather difficult, Netherspite was a bitch to learn, and we STILL wiped on Nightbane even when we were halfway into SSC.

    I think the only boss we really had trouble with in Naxx was Thaddius, and that’s just because it takes a little while for people to learn how to switch sides…if switching sides is the hardest part, Kara was probably more difficult.

    Although, most of my old guild wasn’t in full vanilla epics when we started heroics and such. I suppose that made the beginnings of Wrath a little easier.

    I don’t know, what do you guys think is harder, Naxx or Kara?

  7. I think Kara was harder than Naxx is. It took a little bit more time to learn the fights in Kara, whereas in Naxx, it only takes a brief explaination for someone who has never been to learn the fight. Kara is more entertaining that Naxx too. I mean the opera with its 3 different random fights, and the chess event.

    I agree Thaddius can be one of the tougher bosses. Though it is pretty easy for ranged. Heck, last week I missed the jump (/facepalm) and ended up on one of the platforms at the bottom near the lava. I just kicked back, opened a cold one, and worked my rotation.

  8. I don’t know, what do you guys think is harder, Naxx or Kara?

    Kara, for two reasons: One, strats for Naxxramas have been out for nearly two years. Two: Heroic gear in TBC was not on-par with Kara gear. πŸ˜›

  9. i cant wait for the change to piercing shot, if u get all 3 points its a 30% increase on steady aimed and chimera, thats a big dps increase, and i think the umph u said for bm isent more dps its just something to make it more interesting, like a few more exotic pets and make them better than normal pets (right now they are just a hair better, not that great of a difference)

  10. First they beef up Arcane Shot. Now assuming they stick to their guns and let us make ’em bleed (and that’s one big assumption), beefed up Aimed and Chimera = me chomping at the bit! I’m sure this is how those Survivalists felt when they learned Explosive Shot was getting pumped up.

    Now I need to start planning ahead and find me 3 talent points somewhere.

  11. Kara was much harder then Naxx. Our first night in Naxx-10 man we knocked out 2 wings without really knowing what we were doing. Moroes was way harder. Hell, for a long tiem we skipped Maiden just because we sucked too much to get Holy Fire off people quickly enough.

    Now our current guild is way better then my old guild but still. Kara was tough.. we were so happy to finaly down Prince and afterwards a few wipes were guaranateed…. We one shot Kel our second time there…

    Also Mags was way harder then Eye..

  12. Now I need to start planning ahead and find me 3 talent points somewhere.

    I’m predicting that ISS will get the axe in favor of PS.

  13. It’s getting my axe at least.

    I LOVE Sarth+3D. The challenge of it is worth any one shot in Naxx.

  14. I’m still new to Naxx so I’m not bored of it yet…

  15. Ooooh Hey! I found your blog! Again! I meant to say something when you did the BRK interview, but I’m bad at blogs and didn’t.

    While it’s a huge relief not to have to worry about dedicating two raiding days to Naxx anymore, I’m definitely getting the “wanna stab my eyes out” feeling. If you think you’re bored, try healing it. Or rather, keep up the over-aggroing so I have something to do that makes me remove my finger from my nose. We don’t have to tell Jailer I said that.

    As far as Naxx vs Kara goes – Kara was more difficult. The fights were definitely more involved and therefore significantly more rewarding. I just really hated the lore/stories in TBC soooo much. I was also raiding with a bunch of asshats when it launched which made it less fun. If you add in my Lich-King-Lore lovin’, Naxx-stalgia, and Explicit, WoTLK is a clear winner for me.

    And Wild – Mags was way harder than Eye. Trying to organize the 1-1-2-1-1-2 or 3-3-3-3-3-4 is and will continue to be infinitely easier than getting any number of people to click anything simultaneously.

  16. OMG ITS TEH RHI! ❀

    Yeah, I tend to agree on difficulty…Kara was fun for much longer than Naxx was fun. I mean…this is what, my 6th time there or something? I must’ve done Kara 2 dozen times before I was starting to get bored with certain fights.

    Mag was a bitch. AND fun. I’m not so fond of the drake stage in Maly.

    Thanks for giving love to my blog. Guess I can’t bash you anymore though…


  17. I’ve checked the archives. I’m surprised there was as little bashing as there is ;). I’m tuff. I can take. T-U-F-F.

  18. Are you joking? I love you guys, and I don’t care who knows it.

    But my mom thinks I’m a little strange.

  19. My mom LOOOOVES you, on the other hand. /wink

    Wait…what did I just do?

  20. I think you just broke a sacred bond of trust. That’s what you did. A sacred bond of trust, Rhi.

    Tell your mom I love her, too. Can’t wait to see her again………naked……….

  21. Last night in guild chat I get asked if I happened to have a lowbee tank… just so happens I have a prot warrior in the guild I haven’t been on since 2 Christmas’ ago (as evidenced by the Great Father Winter quest that hasn’t been completed that I know I didn’t pick up this past Christmas). Long story short, I agreed to tank for his pug group and told him in guild chat that it would be my first time tanking for a pug. Was a little worried but it went well. Except for the Shammy (ele or enh… I don’t remember which) that apologized for pulling aggro off me every once in a while. I told him no problem, he was 4 levels above anyone else in the group, and I figured he wasn’t going to die if I was late grabbing the mob back.

    So, I’m a hunter, I like it from a distance, and yet strangely I enjoyed the time in the ‘melee zone’. πŸ˜‰ One thing I didn’t do though is take off indiscriminantly when party members were low on mana. I hate that as well. It’s especially bad when I say oom, tank says drink, I start drinking, and he pulls the next group with me sitting there on the floor. DUDE!

    Anyway… I missed out on Kara… /sigh. But my guildies promise to take me through for fun sometime!

    Apologies for the longer reply, after a craptastically horrid first three days of work this week (PS, looking for reliable coworkers who won’t eff things up), I finally have a ‘slow’ day. πŸ™‚

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