Tomorrow – Be There or Be Square!

I know it’s hip to be a square but let’s ignore the 80’s for a minute so I can tell you about tomorrow!

We’re going to do the hunter discussions tomorrow at 8:00pm EST.

But we’re going to do things a little differently. I’m going to say TO HELL WITH SIGNUPS! I won’t be censoring/selecting who’s going to be there, because we want to hear from all kinds of folks during this discussion. The issue was that I was trying to appeal to everyone’s schedule – no offense, guys, but y’all have some freaky schedules. So from now on, it’s on my terms. I’ll be picking random dates/times so everyone has a chance, and if you can make it, you can make it. If you can’t, you can’t; I’m sure you’ll be able to make at least one.

But what about all the madness?!

Here’s how it’s goin’ down. I’ll be giving all of you my ventrilo information via Email, therefore if you want to participate, you will need to give me your email address. If you plan on being at the discussion tomorrow, you need to check your email frequently. So if you receive a message from, that’s me. Read it!

If more than three people show up, those who arrive first will get to actually speak in the discussion, but the others may sit and listen quietly if you so desire. Just remember – It’s my vent channel, and if you aim to misbehave, I have ways of making you…not…talk. =)

So if you’re interested, leave your email address with me and be online at 8:00pm tomorrow night. Hope to see you there!

❤ Nass


P.S. We punched Malygos in the face last night. I guess it’s like riding a bike. Malygos is the village bicycle…


~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 19, 2009.

10 Responses to “Tomorrow – Be There or Be Square!”

  1. Will you be making a recording of the discussion available for us europeans who find 8pm EST a bit akward?

  2. Yessiree Bob, I sure will be. =)

  3. And us night-shift workers who maintain the internet from 7 PM to 7 AM so you can blog and play? 😛

  4. “I’ll be picking random dates/times so everyone has a chance”

    Duh. You’ll get there. I’m flexible.

    No comments, Perzyx.

  5. So wait, Malygos is a harlot?

    That explains why all the blue dragons are total bishies!

  6. Now why do you think I would make a comment about your flexibility? Well I hope your call goes well. I won’t be able to make it, which I’m sure you are pleased to hear. But I do think you should play Beer Vent. Every time someone says the word Hunter, everyone has to drink a beer.

  7. Sorry you can’t make it! I’m sure you’d be able to contribute.

    Vent Drinking Game sounds fun. If anyone wants to drink with me, be my guest! I’ll be having some Killian’s.

  8. *falling slowly asleep* Must..stay…awake…only one hour and 30 minutes left….

  9. You can do it!!!!

  10. Getting some coffee…brb

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