The 6th Game Thing – Sorry, Guys NSFW

Okay. So the sixth screenshot in my sixth folder happens to be slightly…explicit…but would you expect less from someone who’s in a guild that’s actually called <Explicit>?

I don’t mean to out you guys, but this is the rule – you have to show your sixth screenshot in your sixth folder (if you have folders in there) and this just so happens to be it. If you’re under 18, try not to look. Also, if you’re not into man on man, view at your own discretion.

Are you ready?

Tulmok, Wildsea…are you ready?

Tulmok shows Wildsea how much he appreciates him.

Tulmok shows Wildsea how much he appreciates him.

Also, apparently Tryst likes to watch.

That’s all, folks. Nothing more to see here…

Except the money shot where Tulmok bends back to receive Wildsea’s passions. But that wasn’t the 6th screenshot.

Sorry, guys.

Blame Rilgon, not me.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 20, 2009.

10 Responses to “The 6th Game Thing – Sorry, Guys NSFW”

  1. I think, if this was a game, you’d have won, on sheer shock value.

  2. /target Eyes
    /use Clorox

  3. The Explicit Guild is obviously very close with one another, very close. I like how you just stand there Nass, it’s as if you are shocked. Everyone knew the Cows had a thing for the Orcs.

    • We are very close. You missed the shot of me and Trystania making out, too. =( I think Wild has that one somewhere. However, that’s not me in the background, that’s Tryst. Enjoying the show.

  4. OMG

  5. I REGRET NOTHING…. Except Tulmok never returns my calls now 😦

    I miss his death grip in so many ways

  6. Ohhh look…Try brought her/his pussy too… I didn’t see it at first. I was too focused on my guns…

  7. They must be cold!

  8. The tauren looks like he’s wearing two hats…

    Except the 2nd hat is very, very small for that part of a tauren…

  9. ROFL Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

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