Hunter Discussion #1 – Success!

Well, we’ve finally finished our first round of Hunter Discussion!

We had quite a few people there, and I decided that we should just let everyone talk if they wanted, so long as we weren’t being pushy.

Bear with us – this is our first discussion. =) We talk about glyphs, mana efficiency, Wild Quiver, Improved Steady Shot, and a few other things, including our plans for the new dual-speccing ability.

We did the recording through Ventrilo, so lots of people sound like they’re underwater or have crazy-sounding lisps. I guarantee we all sound perfectly normal IRL. We got an interesting group of people, too : four different accents! Totally awesome. I really enjoyed speaking with all of you! Thanks so much for joining me.

Without further ado, here’s the podcast!

You can also view the podcast through Podbean.

The next hunter discussion will be announced sometime next week. If you liked what you listened to today and think you may want to participate, just send me an email at or leave a comment with your email address.


❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 21, 2009.

31 Responses to “Hunter Discussion #1 – Success!”

  1. oh, I embarrass myself well lol

  2. Don’t we all? I shound like I have a lishp.

  3. I was loud – you should have told me to back up my mic a bit >.<

  4. Thanks again for hosting that Nass. It was a lot of fun!!

  5. I am a russian wohooooo! (accent pun intended)

  6. Haha, I thought I was much louder than I anticipated as well. Sorry all! Haha.

  7. I just want to say that’s not at all what Nass sounds like in real life…. her lisp is 1,000 times worse normally.. Good job cleaning it up for the podcast, those electro-shock treatments are really paying dividends. lol

  8. I love you too, Wild…

    In an “I want to kill you” kind of way.

  9. Oddly, I feel exactly the same way about me 🙂

  10. Aw, don’t go emo on me. That’s just unfair.

  11. I only go emo when I’m passed over for epic loots….

  12. That was far more informative and well-behaved than I had thought it would be, great job to Nass and all involved!
    I have a couple of comments on the topics discussed. First in regards to Improved Steady Shot and Wild Quiver. I don’t have the points to take both so I’ve experimented back and forth between the two and found ISS to be consistently the better choice. DPS-wise I stayed fairly close (within the margin of error range) but the real perq on ISS is the mana conservation. With ISS I’m far more mana-efficient than with WQ and my damage stays about the same. WQ can garner more DPS, but it’s a real crap-shoot; if it procs a lot and crits a lot, DPS goes up but ISS procs fairly often and the mana savings are continually note-worthy.

    Second is in regards to dual specs. One fellow indicated he was considering a Marks and Survival build, using Survival when replenishment is needed for his raids. My question here is in regards to enchants and gemming. Marks does better with AP while Surv is much better served by AGI, so if one just has a Survival build for rare occasions, isn’t that build going to be watered down by Marksman gems and enchants and general AP-stacking as opposed to AGI? I guess one could maintain separate gear sets but that seems a bit of a pain and requiring a huge time-investment.
    So I’m just curious here, mainly as I’m pondering the same thing, but I really don’t want to maintain different gear.

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  15. So as a MM hunter AP gems are better than AGI? I’ve always went for AGI over AP cuz you get crit bonus from AGI as well as AP. Please correct me if my thinking is wrong. Thanks in advance.

  16. Well, I at first thought AGI made the most sense and went with a lot of AGI gems and enchants, but my DPS tanked. I seem to get more bang out of AP with very little gain from AGI’s perks (armour, crit). Reading around the internet results in mixed opinion, with more support for AP over AGI, but nowhere near any real consensus.
    Feedback from the folks here would be great.

  17. I go for straight AP because of TSA, and because I already have a large amount of crit as a Marks hunter. Agi is most likely still the most beneficial gem for Survival, however. You’re right – speccing between the two would be a huge pain, and in my opinion, you’d have to choose which one you wanted to be your focus and gem that way, then simply eat food or flask/pot yourself to make up for those few lost stats in the other spec. I don’t think it’d be worth wasting all that time and gold for two sets, or even swapping gems. They’re close enough in damage at the moment that it’s just not necessary.

  18. And yes, the mana conservation in ISS is a big deal when you have mana issues, but when you’re in 25-mans and mana is dripping, you’re no longer in need of mana-saving abilities, which makes Wild Quiver a better choice if you’re using Aimed in your rotation.

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  20. So an AP-stacked build with some AGI foods/flasks would probably be a decent back-up plan for a Survival off-spec?

    True point on ISS vs WQ in 25 mans. I don’t do 25 mans so mana regen is fairly lacking and thus I like to myself as mana efficient as possible.

  21. Well i suggested it, so i think i should comment on it. AP gemming is clearly superior at the time, because it gives your pet more DPS and more DPS to you. Agility gemming is an alternative way , so one is not so reliant on Fury warriors or Feral druids. If your raid stacks on magic damage and mainly supports magic dps, agility gems are a good solution to get some backup crit.

    As for the gems. On the top-DPS gear (according to spreadsheets), you can have 7 red gems socketed (without wanting to go for the socketing bonuses). It is 7x32AP or 7×16 agility. So you can choose between 224 AP or 114 AP and 1,3% crit. TSA gives a bonus of 22 or 11. The main reason, why survivalists go for agility gems is Expose weakness, wich gives you an AP bonus of 25% of your agility. With all the agility gems, you would get 28 AP.

    Agility gemming will give you a total bonus of 125 AP on Marksmanship (including TSA) and 142 AP on survival. That is 121 AP less on Marksmanship (including TSA) and 82 AP less on Survival.

    So…if you lack a bit of crit, or your raid is focusing on mages or and fetch some gems if you want. But normally, it is better to take AP gems over AGI gems on ALL telents.

    Hope this clears some things 🙂

  22. Forgot to mention, that at the ende of the comment, the calculations on agility AP bonus did take Expose Weakness in consideration

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  24. As for WQ, ISS, Barrage and Armor Piercing….WQ is a free magic damage talent, wich really starts to shine on those encounters, where the boss has more armor, than normal. Otherwise, it is clearly a better choice to go for the other three. It simply does not proc that often to be usefull. If it would proc on steady shot rather than auto shot, it would fare a bit better.
    ISS is one of the best mana saver talents available on the Marksman tree. Since Chimera shot consumes a BUNCH of mana, it’s an obvious choice for everyone. Or should it be? Since you have to smash every cooldown on Arcane Shot and Aimed Shot, you will cast SS less frequently. So ISS will not proc that often, than it should be (prior 3.0.8). And the mana saving part could also be consumed by a recently casted Arcane Shot or Aimed Shot. Still it is a great talent to have.
    Armor Piercing is bad right now. Really bad. Right now it ignores 6% of your opponents armor. Normally that would mean, if a mob has 10000 armor, you ignore 600 of it. Not bad. But the armor reduction effects, like Sunder Armor or Faerie Fire will be applied to the mob with prioriy, and only after these will Armor Piercing applied (ofc only to you). So if SA and FF reduce the mobs armor with a total of 4000, 6000 remains, and then Armor Piercing will only ignore 360. Having a druid/wasp and a warrior tank already reduced the talents usefullness to 60%. But 3.1 will be good to armor piercing (according to Blizz…), so it’s still worth some consideration.
    Barrage is a straight buff to Aimed Shot. Good talent, pretty solid with the 10% damage bonus. If Armor Piercing won’t get the much needed love it deserves, fetch Barrage and ISS. If Armor Piercing gets its choose 2 of the 3 talents…and let WQ rot (or WQ is buffed and i can build a new theory >.>)

  25. wtb edit…12% damage bonus to Aimed via Barrage

  26. Thanks for all your explanations Shadow, that’s fantastic.
    Of course Piercing Shots will become a must-have in 3.1 for the Bleed effect (if it actually stays at the 30% it’s listed at), but for now I agree, Piercing Shots is pointless.
    ISS I don’t find handy for damage, but I do like the mana savings since I don’t run with much in the way of replenishment.
    As for Barrage, I recently tweaked my spec a bit and picked that up and have noticed a nice little bump in my DPS.

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  28. Was very cool to listen too, thank you for posting on the blog Nass. And thank you to everyone who participated, I really enjoyed hearing everyones experiences and points of view.

  29. Thanks for listening, and if you’re interested in participating in the next one, be sure to shoot me an email!

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