Sarth + 2D = DED

We (<Explicit>) just downed Sartharion with two drakes for the first time on our first real solid night of attempts.



That’s all I’m really gonna say, because I’m really friggin’ tired. I’ll go over the rest tomorrow. G’night!


Now that I’ve slept a bit, I’ll tell you about last night. After we ran in and owned Malygos, we decided to hit OS instead of waiting for Monday. This lead to many moans and groans from those who thought we were off the hook for the night. Of course, Tulmok and I knew without a doubt that we could defeat Sarth with two drakes, but oh no – Wildsea had to be pessimistic and claim we were a one-drake pony! 😉

With our spirit and resolve for victory, we fought valiantly time and again, never giving in! Even when Wildsea sowed seeds of doubt in our minds, we managed to get the first drake down after several attempts.

Okay, I can’t keep going like this. LOL

Tulmok and I were whining like babies, “Oh God, why why why, I don’t wanna do this, WAAAAH!” and Wildsea was like, “We can do this, guys!” all optimistic and dreamy-eyed.

Turns out, we’d started in with the wrong strategy in mind. We were attempting to burn the first drake before the second one landed, making it a DPS race. We realized later that it should be an endurance competition and brought more healers/made people respec to help. This improved our attempts greatly upon each new pull, and eventually we managed to get the second drake down. From then on, it was smooth sailing.

Annoying bit: Coming out of the portal only to eat a wave of fire. I managed to get a battle rez, but the length of death and lack of buffs afterward really took a toll on my DPS. But in the end, everyone did their job even if I didn’t for a while, and of course, we prevailed.

Next time, let’s do three.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on February 25, 2009.

18 Responses to “Sarth + 2D = DED”

  1. Awesome job!!

    Now you have the super awesome happy fun times of 3d attempts to look forward too lol .

    Hope you have a shorter learning curve then my guild did. 🙂

  2. Gratz! We managed it with 1 drake up last week, but we were only 20 rather than 25 so 2 drakes may have been silly. Maybe this week!

  3. Congratulations to you and Explicit!

  4. I am curios as to what drakes you left up?

    Or perhaps, rather what one you killed.

  5. I believe we killed Vesperon.

  6. Ya vesperon is the most annoying drake by far.

    Once people stop dying from flame walls and fissures the most common death will be from the twilight torment debuff that vesperon puts up. At least that has been my experience.

    You might have to get used to fewer healers though as we take in 6 healers usually for 3 drake kills. You can do it with 7, but it is so much easier with the extra dps, when it truly is a dps race.

  7. We kileld the second drake, the one on the left as you enter the instance. The reason for this was we thought we could burn down the first drake before the seconded landed. That wasn’t going to happen…

    Also, thanks for giving me a few due props Nass.. Not only was I right about being able to do it, I was right about the strat and I was kind enough to respec (I hate resto)… So hooyrah for Wildsea..


    Actually I think we all did a great job and even after a lot of wipes I think we generally stayed positive and got the job done.

  8. WTF is “hooyrah”? lol Oh Wild…you’re so special. Also, your mom’s a pony.

  9. My mom isn’t not a pony… she’s a cow.. my dad was traveling sales man who got his hands on some bad mushrooms while lost in Mulgore.. Their “relationship” didn’t last long and neither was very proud of their choices….

  10. Gratz Nass, you’re the bomb diggity. Btw, the dps race thing wasn’t the wrong strategy, it was actually the right one because it gets your prepared for 3d which is a dps race, and the endurance game doesn’t work on it where it can on 2d. But when you go to do 3d check out, Kyth has a lot of good tips and strat there for it. Oh, and you took damage from the lava wall coming out of the portal? in 3.0.8 it was supposed to be fixed where you are immune to shadow and fire damage for a couple seconds.

  11. Nope, it was insta-death for me. I came out at a bad spot and BAM! Dead.

  12. Yeah clearly that isn’t working right because I think we lost 4 or 5 people at the same time..

  13. Cant get enough of that sugarcrisp

  14. Hahaha ❤

  15. made people respec


  16. Yes, unfortunate but necessary. And they were willing. It got the job done, and everyone was happy afterward, so Win/Win.

  17. Grats

  18. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Mind Blowing!

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