Made Quick Werk of Him

That’s what she said.

Anyway, we finally killed Patchwerk in under 3 minutes, scoring the achievement. I also hit my personal best on the bastard, reaching 4733 DPS. I missed a few things here and there, but overall it was a pretty good night for me, and I’m very happy with how orderly and fast everything was. <Explicit> tore through Naxx, then Malygos, then VoA in a normal raid night (which is 3.5 hours). No new gear for me, but I can dig it. Maybe Fury of the Five Flights will drop again this week. And then maybe I’ll be lucky enough to win it. Maybe. *wistful* All those pieces I still need just decided they wouldn’t drop for me ever, I think, and I’ve almost resigned to it. I’ll probably skip over those pieces and move on to Ulduar, unless we continue to farm Naxx and Maly during Ulduar progression. But I thoroughly dislike not having so many pieces, and I blame Naxxramas. Haven’t even reached the “Epic” achievement yet. QQ moar, I know. Well, anyway, clearly I can make do.

Moving on from personal experiences, I promised you a video. I haven’t forgotten you! But things have been hectic. It’s tax season, and as such, there is not much opportunity for anything other than work, travel, raiding, and sleep. I’m attempting to revamp the site, as well, so there are quite a few things on my plate at the moment. It will all come together soon, and soon I’ll figure out how to crunch videos so they can be hosted on YouTube…soon…

As 3.1 looms closer, how is everyone feeling? How are you feeling about all the changes WoW is and has been going through these past few months? I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing, and although I know I’ll always have fun at least to some extent, I don’t want to think about this new seige-weapon raiding. I don’t enjoy the drake phase of Malygos and don’t see it as a challenge in the slightest, or even a fun way to raid. And I’m sincerely hoping that I’m wrong about my thoughts on Ulduar. I’ll withhold judgement until I experience it, but my tummy is in knots. Maybe I’m the only one. What do you think? Leave a comment.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on March 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Made Quick Werk of Him”

  1. Grats Nass, that’s some yummy DPS! Gear seems to like my druid and not my hunter. Perhaps it’s a hunter thing?

    I’m not looking forward to Ulduar. I hope I’m wrong but I think it’s going to be unnecessarily complex, frustrating and pretty stupid. So I really do hope I’m proven wrong.

  2. Although I have got a few pieces of gear to drop for me here and there, it’s still pretty sparse for my hunter. There were a couple of Heroics (Nexus, Culling of Strath) I’d hit a few times a week just to try and get a couple specific pieces and I have yet to see those items drop in like 6 weeks! Now my guild is into Naxx and I’m doing fine even though I was really trying to get those items before raiding. FYI, one of those items is the Mobius Band off Chrono-Lord Epoch. I wantz it! I have yet to even have it drop let alone lose it on a roll.

    4733 DPS, and Fury of the Five Flights… /drool

    Oh, yeah, I remembered what I really wanted to reply with… 😉

    I hate ‘vehicle’ fights as well. I feel like I might as well be playing a whole different game. Very unenjoyable.


  3. I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it. I’ll see what things look like after the patch and roll with it.

    Regarding the vehicle thing, I doubt the entire fight will be vehicle based. Even then I suspect that if you have good gear, the vehicle will scale to it (at least it should otherwise any scrub will be able to do the thing naked).

    Overall it’s just a new view with new skills to see it with. Learn to do it and do it well or you will fail. Simple as that.

  4. I agree, im not looking forward to ulduar, thats some awsome dps you made, i cant belive you got that and dont even have the epic achievment, I hope they decide to make the vehicles fights in ulduar either, very short, something new to make us like it, or just an optional part of the raid.

  5. From what i have heard the vehicles are going to scale with item level of gear etc so that will help even things out a little. I too am not fond of vehicle fights so hopefully the first boss is the only boss that uses that mechanic.
    I have mostly retired my hunter to concentrate on my tankadin as getting PUGs as a hunter is so hard on my server given the times I am on (living in Scotland while playing on US Servers FTL)
    Here’s hoping people need tanks more than they need hunters!

  6. As a non-raider and non-pvp’er I’m utterly ambivalent about 3.1. I see no changes to any of the classes that I play which make me excited about the patch, dual specs aren’t of interest right now and any other additions are just little details (fishing dailies, more cooking recipes) that I can take or leave.

    And yeah, vehicle fights are even less incentive to want to go to Ulduar (imo vehicular combat is the worst thing to come into WoW since Arena).

    So, 3.1… bah! humbug.

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