Drakes are Fun

Last night, we had an entire 3.5 hours to work on Sartharion with 3 drakes.

It started out with us being paranoid about the damage our Sarth tank would take during the final drake, so I ran to the stable, grabbed Spanks, and respecced Survival to give him more health and me damage to make up for a Tenacity pet. If you don’t know, the plan is to use Roar of Sacrifice to mitigate some of your tank’s damage. The pet should be last resort, so priests and pallies and the like can handle it first, but like I said, we were paranoid.

This was my first little venture into the new Survival since Pre-Wrath. It was fun, and relatively simple, but first attempts on 3D in a brand new spec just wasn’t the best idea I’d ever had. My damage was low, and I was too focused on shots to pay attention to the strat. After several wipes, we realized that we wouldn’t be getting to the third drake any time soon, so I ran off and specced back to Marksman, grabbing Eidan on the way. Finally feeling more comfortable, I was able to redeem myself and prove more useful. One day, I’ll play with Surv, but progression night was a bad night for experimentation.

If you’ve never done Sarth3D before, let me tell you : it’s BUSY! There is quite a bit to focus on, especially as a hunter. Not only do you have to avoid flame waves and fissures, but you have to tranq as many adds as you can and misdirect the tanks when the new drakes come down (which I was epic fail at last night). You also need to pay close attention to your pet, as you’ll be calling him back and forth to you relentlessly. And if you don’t do your maximum damage, you won’t even get past the first drake. Needless to say, it’s a nice challenge, and I’m glad we have this to work on before Ulduar. Finally, something relatively difficult! When we finally get this down, it will feel like a real accomplishment.

We had many people dying or at least getting hit by flame waves and fissures. The question is this – Do we allow DBM to call everyone out publicly, possibly giving a few folks the ability to feel they must “chastise” others, or do we look over things privately after the fact? Personally, I feel people should be called out by the mod. People can be told that comments aren’t to be made on it. There’s no reason to be sensitive, because this is about improvement. It’s not a popularity contest, or an “I get hit the least” contest. It’s just the flat-out truth. You got hit, don’t get hit again. Simple. But we’ll see. Hopefully it will be enough for people to simply look over WWS and realize they need to watch closer.

Regardless of how many wipes we had, I feel we made some progress, and I’m excited about running attempts again on Monday. This is a very fun fight. =D

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on March 12, 2009.

9 Responses to “Drakes are Fun”

  1. 3D isn’t easy! I’ve done 3D as a MM every time, and it’s been pretty good with our DK tank and the cooldowns from priests and pallies. Hunter pets not needed. Our pain point is when the second and third drakes are down — DPS is hard to control to keep from killing ourselves. First drake should go down as the second drake lands (blow all CD’s including Heroism), and second drake should be about 50% or so when third drake opens his portal. Serpent sting and volley do not trigger the damage-for-damage thing, so as a MM, those two will be your friend. After third drake goes down, enter the portal with your tanks and kill the disciples, then it’s EZ Mode.

    We let DBM call out the failures and dock DKP when people die from void zones and waves. That has been pretty effective. Keeps DPS from dying when they’ve got their eyes on the drake or the Fury of the Five Flights (that our guild has never seen from Sarth, even on EZ mode)

    I’ve done the fight A LOT as a MM hunter, so if anyone has questions, email me at morynne at gmail dot com

  2. 3D is fun. My guild’s done it once, and after that it’s been like hitting a brick wall every time we try. There’s always people screwing up.

    We have a guy with an addon that says in raid every time someone is hit by either firewall or that fizzure thingie. It’s really no worries if you’re mentioned by the addon once or twice during an entire evening. But when you see the same person getting hit more than 50% of the time, the emotions really start to rise. There are some people that deserve a public outing. If they don’t understand themselves that they are destroying the progress for the rest of the guild, they need to be reminded.

    I’m all for a learning curve of screwing up in the beginning and then progressing until finally everyone’s got the hang of it. But you have to make sure people don’t stop progressing. Sometimes a private whisper is good. But other times nothing short of a flat out flame is enough.

  3. You really shouldn’t depend on RoS for the mitigation – either the tank (bear) and healers have a HP boost/shield rotation down or they don’t, just how it goes. I’ve even stopped bringing my Plainstrider for their help on the add tanks.

    Also, you have to spam it because it’s not smart targeting, but if you are busy with everything else /tar Lava Blaze /cast Tranq /targetlasttarget can save you a lot of grief.

    You’ll get it, and the love for the fight never dies!

  4. Every time I try to use a Targeting macro it fails miserably. I don’t understand why. >.< I’ve tried drake targeting, elemental targeting…even demon chain targeting back in the day, and every time I hit the damn button, nothing happens. I’ve done /target Full Name, I’ve done /tar Full Name, /tar 3letters, and /target 3letters……I don’t get it. It refuses to function. This may be related to my “no one has the same drake keybinds as you” issue. I don’t know. But it’s pissing me off.


    Anyway, yeah I think I’ll be taking Eidan from now on. I don’t think they’re going to need RoS. I wanna go now and not wait for Monday, but alas, there are things to do, places to go, people to see…and laundry.

  5. No no no… silly people. Don’t use that macro for tranqs… use a mouseover macro.. You will wonder why in the world you didnt before once you try it. It allows you to NOT untarget your current target, you simply mouseover the elemental, hit your keybind, I have it set to “2”, and you only missed one GCD in your rotation! 🙂

    I’ll post the macro in one min, gonna log and and copy/ paste it for you.

  6. Here is the macro:

    /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Tranquilizing Shot

    If there is more than 1 enraged elemental the rogues use the Fan of Knives with their special de enraging posion… they need the macro to swap weapons back and forth for it. With more than 1 enraged its not worth the Hunters time to do each one while waiting on Tranq CD.

    Also some other tips, the addon that calls people out is called Failbot. It is sOOOOO important for guilds learning this fight. If there are people getting hit by Lava Walls or Shadow Fissures, it HAS to be called out in the open and not in private.. and if it continues they need to be replaced. In 25 man there is a lil room for a death or two (not tanks of course) but really people need to stay alive until Shadron is dead… once he is dead its ezmode.

    As for the MD’s, you should only have to MD Sarth for the initial pull, Tenebron doesn’t NEED a MD put I always put one on for extra threat (if there is a lava wave on the outside it is advised for the Tenebron tank to take him (along with melee) into the lava and then back onto the platform once the wave passes). And then Shadron is the main MD that is needed. The macro I use is:

    /target Nassira
    /cast Misdirection
    /target Shadron

    I tag him with an aimed shot then hit my /target Tenebron macro and resume blowing Tenebron up if he isn’t already dead which in 25 man he usually is by then. I have target macros for all drakes because sometimes it is hard to manually target with all the crap flying around and tab targeting is just bad for this fight because every second of dps counts.

    Check out stratfu.com for other tips, positioning is real important. And basically I find that every person in the raid has to be good with minimizing movement as much as possible for max dps while still moving enough to get the F out of the way of lava walls and shadow fissures.

    Good luck on your next attempts 🙂

  7. Oh and one more thing (sorry for the multi-shot on posts here, but you don’t have an edit button so I can add comments) but that /tar Lava Blaze macro that Negalothe posted above.. you realize that is just going to target the nearest Lava Blaze right? and it is not going to always be the enraged one, in fact odds are against targetting the enraged one. The enraged blazes do not have a different name when they get enraged so there is NO way to make a macro to target that specific one. That is why the mouse over macro is so vital. I don’t know if you have actually tried using that macro Nogelothe but if you have, you must have either found yourself tab targetting till you got the enraged one, or sat there thinking you tranq’ed it while it continued running around eating faces.

  8. Way to butcher Neg’s name…=P

    But on the rest, sweet! I didn’t know you could do that mouseover thing. That should be very handy (if it decides to work for me), thanks for sharing.

    Trust me, we’ve gone over every strat there is and went in fully prepared for what we might encounter. We just need practice.

    We don’t have that guild mentality of “this person messes up a lot, let’s boot him”, because we’re a tight-knit group of what I consider to be friends. So we simply have to be patient while everyone learns how to do the fight properly, or until the rest of us are good enough to pull it off with a few deaths. That’s just the way it will always be for us. I think we’ve decided that we won’t be using the Failbot, but the WWS record is there for everyone to see their own performance, and hopefully (and probably) folks will see and learn.

    We’ll get them, eventually. Thanks for the luck!

  9. The mouseover macro will work for you 🙂 Try it out on the Death Knights in Naxx that Bone Shield or a BM Hunters pet (they can be tranq’d right?).

    On WWS be sure to look for damage done to Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon, not to Sarth or adds or total damage. A lot of people look at overall damage where Spriests and other multi targetted DPS shine, and don’t realize the highest damage to the drakes may be coming from ones that are lowest on the charts (like us Hunters). And it is the drake damage that really counts. Well I understand (slightly) your stance on your guild and working through mistakes. Consider failbot then to help individuals learn where they are making the mistakes. Although you don’t want to replace people who are repeatedly making mistakes, it really does help in identifying where the problems are occuring and how to fix it. Many times people die and don’t know how they died. Failbot simplifys that.

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