Seeking Experienced Raiders

TenebronA nice idea from fellow hunter, Zuelin, came via email a while back for a Podcast. He thought it might be a good idea to have raiding hunters get together and discuss their experiences. Well, I think this is a great idea, especially since I’d like to learn a little bit more about others’ experiences in Sartharion 3D. So what I’d like to do is narrow it down a bit and find several raiders willing to talk about their Sarth3D experiences.

If you are currently attempting or have completed Sartharion with three drakes active, and if you would like to participate in a Podcast with me, please send me an email at or add a comment on this post with your email address and character name/realm. I intend to make this podcast happen within the next week/weekend, so I’ll be getting to you very soon and setting up a date and time that’s good for the majority. You do not have to be Marksmanship to participate, of course. All hunters are very welcome.

If you haven’t yet done S3D, but you wish to be in a raid-related Podcast, don’t fret! If this one goes well, we may have more and cover a variety of raid encounters.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on March 20, 2009.

11 Responses to “Seeking Experienced Raiders”

  1. Interesting idea, hopefully my Hunter will fall into that category fairly soon.

  2. I’d love to participate, bit I’m going to be AFK for the next ten days. GL though!

  3. GL at RL! See you on the flipside!

  4. Doh! We just did it the other day, but we needed an OT, so I had to do it on my DK. Booo! Let me know if you still want some help with the podcast!

  5. Let me know when it is and I’ll try to help out.

  6. Well, my guild has done 3D and I would love to share!
    Name: Bule
    Realm; Exodar

  7. OMG! he’s from Exodar, and in Lineage!.. Bann him from Vent, and this blog, immediately!

    hehe j/k. I just left Exodar recently, was the GM of The Naked Elves there which disbanded shortly after I left.

  8. Hi Nass, I’m not volunteeering (my one nights effort in our guilds first crack at Sarth3D was pretty bad, and I’ve since been replaced by an arcane mage with far superior dps).

    What I wanted to know is how to download your podcasts? I dont see a link for them on the front page of your blog. Am I missing something thats right under my nose? I really like your site and I think what i heard of your last podcast (streaming it) was great, but I’d like to put them onto my MP£ player if possible 🙂

    Cheers, and keep up the great work!

  9. Hey Nass! I’d love to participate. My guild’s been stuck on 3D as our last piece of raiding to conquer for the last couple of weeks… 21 attempts and 0 successes last week alone 😦

    You’ve probably already got my e-mail address from before, but if not it’s

    Hope to get in on at least one of these huntery chats eventually!

  10. I’d love to have you!

    @Hoolie – I’m afraid I’m not entirely experienced in the Podcast realm, but I believe you can download it from my Podbean page, which is linked on the page of my podcast here – I believe you have to “subscribe” in order to download it, but I’m not entirely sure.

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