Monday’s Sarth 3D Attempts

So last night, we had attempts on Sarth3D again. We didn’t get him down, obviously, but we did make a bit of progress, and I think people are improving their personal performance with waves and fissures. This makes me happy.

I also have improved my personal performance by speeding up my pet recall/send-in and predicting wave patterns which I was happy about. I was slow on tranqing, but that was mainly due to a misunderstanding on tranq responsibility…we won’t go there. So Sana picked up our slack and then I realized what was going on, thankfully, but we had some terrible Enrage issues, sometimes having more than 6 enraged adds at a time for much too long.

I was able to maintain decent DPS throughout, however unfriendly the fight may be for us, so I was overall impressed with both our guild’s progress and my own. I’m hoping we’ll have all of Wednesday night for more attempts.

We got the second drake down to 20% on one of the attempts, but as far as I could tell, our Sarth tank wasn’t always surviving with the third drake down, and we could use another healer for the periodic damage we all take. But we had to make do with what we had, and we did well with it. Unfortunately, our Pally tank is out of town, so we did have a slight issue with adds eating healers occasionally, but I think we tamed that by the end.

We also needed a bit more DPS, I’m told, but I think that will come in time when the slower learners start feeling more comfortable with waves. I do believe we are capable of succeeding with this. I’m just not sure how much longer it will take, and I AM sure that we need our guild’s perfect group makeup. We have a lot of exceptional players, but we need everyone to be exceptional with this.

Overall, I’m glad for the challenge. The podcast will be coming soon, probably next week sometime, as it’s been rough getting everyone together for it. Thanks for your patience.

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on March 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “Monday’s Sarth 3D Attempts”

  1. Did you use the Tranq macro I gave you? If you have 6 enraged elementals you should call out for a designated rogue to Fan of Knives with the de-enraging poison. He needs to have a macro tho so he can quickly swap out weapons back and forth during it.

    What class was your MT? It’s easy with a DK using his cooldowns mixed with a Discipline Priest. They just need to very communicative on who is using a CD a breath.

    Also there are some tips for your add tank and drake tank that I can offer you… positioning is so important when learning this fight. Also there are a lot of little things that each class can do to max out their contribution, this fight can be real difficult or trivial based on just knowing what to do. If you want me to help you guys email me and I can chat with you and/or your guild and give you pointers.

  2. Thanks for the offer.

    Yeah, I’ve been using the tranq macro and it’s fantastic. The thing I didn’t want to mention involved the poison-less rogue…anyway, just a misunderstanding, and we’ve got it covered for next time.

    We’ve also got the rotations down for the MT on the third drake. We just need to do a few more things here and there and have a bit of luck on our side and we’ll be fine.

    I’m glad we’re not getting it so easily. I just hope we get it before the expansion, though. =)

  3. Just swung over to check out your Blog since I saw mention of you on Big Drot’s site. I’m always down to BS in vent about fights if you need some help as well… its what I do =). Its also neat to see someone sticking with Marks. I rode with it all the way up until about a week ago then just got tired of it =p~

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