You and the Blue

Last night was <Explicit>’s first run of 25-man Ulduar.

We one-shotted Leviathan, as was to be expected, and happily, I was able to hold my own as the driver of a Demolisher and actually get things done this time. I was still a bit uncertain as to what my specific role was to be, but I figured I’d just use my abilities as they were meant to be used and it seemed to work out alright. It’s pretty intuitive, actually. I’m one of those people who needs to experience something first and then read the strategy, because it’s hard for me to visualize certain descriptions of the game. Actually being inside one of the vehicles helps put things into perspective, so if you’ve been reading up on the strat and feel a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry – it’s easy.

Then we came to Razorscale. This fight is so different from Leviathan – if you came in and took out Leviathan, don’t expect to just plow through the rest of the bosses. Leviathan is meant to fool you, and fool you he will. Razorscale is a tough fight, and we haven’t downed her yet. It’s all about survivability. Basically, there are many things you need to watch out for –

1. Fireballs. You can’t control whether or not you get hit by a fireball, so you just have to take it like a man and pray for heals. Use healthstones, pots, and bandages to conserve healers’ mana, which has a tendency to run out during this fight.

2. Whirlwinds. The big dudes whirlwind, and it hurts. Really bad. You should be as far away from these adds as you can be. Don’t worry, they’re noticeable.

3. Chain Lightning. The littlest dudes cast both Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning. If you can, stay spread out so you don’t get hit by the chain, or at least don’t continue it on to hit others. Try to save your silencing abilities for Chain Lightning.

4. Flame Breath. When Razorscale is pulled down temporarily by the harpoons, she’ll stay stunned until the very end when she breaks free and breathes blue fire in front of her. You’re going to want to stand to the side and DPS from there until she does her pushback and flies back into the air. After that, though, the sides aren’t the best place to be, and you’ll most likely need to reposition yourself so you’re close to the harpoons and can reach the adds. She’ll also cast Flame Breath repeatedly while she’s permanently grounded at 50% health. Watch her head closely and follow her flanks, not her nose.

5. Blue Shit. Yes, most fights have their “obviously don’t stand in that” spell. This happens to be blue flames that randomly appear on the battlefield. Don’t stand in it. Please. Don’t even go near it. Just stay away.

6. Activating Harpoons. The boss won’t come down if you don’t activate the harpoons – it only takes one click, so pay attention and click when you need to to get her down as fast as possible.

This, of course, is from the perspective of the hunter. There may be other issues that melee classes will run into, but the general rules apply – STAY ALIVE! And don’t be afraid to CC the adds and protect your precious healers. They’re going to be healing their little asses off and will most likely pull aggro quite a bit until you’re pro at the encounter.

On a final note, this fight is DIFFICULT AND INVOLVED, which is also known as FUN. Enjoy!

❤ Nass


~ by Kelly Jennelle on April 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “You and the Blue”

  1. You can set focus on Razorscale and Feign Death when he targets you, or pop deterrence if you face her. Saved my sorry ass a few times on normal, altough i don’t know if this works on heroic, we will test her first tomorrow.

  2. Have you done Cat Lady yet on 10m? We started by stacking out of the cat’s LOS to avoid the pounce, but we stacked right next to the barrier in front of the broken glass. With the tank facing Cat Lady towards the barrier (and towards us for her Sonic Screech), I had a hell of a time getting out of melee range to shoot while still avoiding pounce and staying in for Screech. What a bitch.

    And they say being a hunter is easy mode. *sigh*

  3. Haha No, not yet – we focus on 25s first for progression. Maybe we’ll see her this weekend though! I’m excited.

  4. […] Nassira on Razorscale […]

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